Monday, October 3, 2011

Thats "Randy" Baby

October 3, 2011

I am going to start by saying that ther is nothing in the world like sleeping in your own bed. No matter how long you go away or where you sleep, there is something about coming home and crawling into your own bed for that first night back. Now, I dont sleep much as it is. On a good night I head to bed at 9:00pm, which means I dont really get in bed and asleep till 9:30 at the earliest... and my alarm goes off at 4:45am, so thats a little over 7 hours of sleep. There are nights I make it a point to get to bed so I can sleep at 9, but there are also nights I dont get upstairs till after 10:00, those are the harder mornings. Last night after blogging I said to Hubs, I am off to bed... it was 9:00. It had been a long and emotional day and I was out like a light within 15 minutes of hitting the pillow (around 9:45). After our "interesting" hotel stay my bed felt like a cloud. I slept straight through the night and woke up with no problem when the alarm went off. I love when that happens.

I was reading "Four Hour Body" this weekend on the ride to and from PA. I mentioned to Hubs (after I chucked like a 5 year old seeing the word "snatch" in the book only to see Tim Ferriss still finds humor in it too by his foot noting) that I havent had to do snatches in a WOD yet. The one day that they were included it was a Thursday and I had the day off. I will give a review of 4HB when I am done with it, but for now just know that it is filled with oodles of experiments and information... some of which I find interesting and some of which I passed right over.

To my excitement... and surprise (and I have to admit that its really weird that this is the second time I have thought about a workout and it appeared the next day in the WOD)... when I got to CFW I saw "Randy" on the board. What is "Randy" you ask... well its 75, yes SEVENTY-FIVE Power Snatches.

This video will show you what a "Snatch" is... so you can get your mind out of the gutter...

I know the motions, as we do the Burgener Warmup a few times a week, but its the first time that I was going to attempt a snatch with any weight. We use a PVC bar for the warmup. The Rx weight was 55lbs, so K and I loaded up the bar after I finished my warmup and I was ready to go. Not only was I going to snatch with weight, I was going to snatch with weight 75 times.

Damn, 75 reps of anything is going to get your tired. K had the clock ticking and I was working away. The first 10 I did unbroken. K was coaching me on in my form, she told me that most of this movement is in the speed at which you do it, not necessarily how strong you are. Of course that plays into it, but the idea is to get the bar to speed through the motion from the knees to the OH extension. As I was working K was perfect in correcting things I was doing as I was going along. I was doing my best to take every comment she made (with her encouraging words mixed in in between) and try not to rest a lot.

My goal was to work in sets of 10. So thats what I did. A set of 10 than I would let go, shake out my arms and get back in. K kept reminding me to pick it right back up. Somewhere between 40-50 I think, I did two sets of 5, because my grip was off in the middle of the set. When I hit 50 I said it out loud and K responded "25 left!" That was enough for me... I didnt want to stop again. I did ten more, than adjusted my grip and went back in for the last 15. I was getting slower towards the end, I could feel where I would slow down through the movement.

I finished all 75 in a time of 7:48, which was pretty good. I talked to K about where I felt like I was going wrong. She explained how to break down the movement and where she could see I was losing speed. My problem... I am speedy when I can use my legs and I slow down once my hips and legs are out of play. I need to get more push with my hips (like the kettle bell swing) and keep a fluent movement through the whole rep.

I finished up the workout with muscle up transitions.... This is a muscle up...

I am soooooo not there yet, but today we worked on the transition from the pullup to the dip. I was on my knees and I had to pull myself to the rings than transition over to the dip position. I am really happy I got to try that and that we have these ways of breaking down the movements. K explained the "false grip" that you see them point out in the video. Its how you have your hands positioned on the rings to make the transition happen. I will be doing these someday... I just have to keep working.

Cant get to the finish line if you never start running...

3 Rounds
- Row 250 m
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Pushups
- 10 Abmat Situps
2X Burgener Warmup with PVC
2 min Shoulder open with PVC on Bars

75 Snatch (55lbs) for Time
(My time 7:48 Rx)

Muscle Up Transitions

6:30am: Post workout Shake
8:30am: Banana
10:00am: Egg Muffins
12:45pm: Salad with Chicken
6:30pm: Three Eggs and Bacon
7:30pm: Spoonful of Almond Butter 

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