Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Halloween...

October 30, 2011

You would think since I grew up in New England that I would love the snow. You would think that since I was made to go outside and "enjoy" the snow as a child that I would love the snow. You would think that since I live pretty damn close to Mt Wachusett and could ski at my leisure all winter long, that I would love the snow. You would think that I would look for ward to a "White Christmas" because thats what we are all taught to love and told we would miss if we moved somewhere that we didnt have it.

Yeah... not so much. I can deal with the cold, I can deal with the dry air, I can deal with the ice... I can not stand snow.

Not really sure what it is. One of my first vivid memories of sledding I was about 5 years old. Big Brother and I went sledding in Lowell with my mom at Shed Park where everyone went. I get to the top of the hill with her, she helps me into my pink plastic sled and gives me a push... there I go. All excited I hear my mom yelling, I turn to look behind me to see what she is saying and before I can make out the words "JUMP OFF" I am nailed in the face with a branch... yep, I hit the one damn tree on the whole hill.

Another attempt at "fun" in the snow as a child. About 13 years old building a snow fort again with Big Brother... I am inside the fort and Big Brother decides that he is going to show how strong it is by walking across the top of it. The next thing you know, his boot is on the side of my face and I am buried alive in a snow mountain... ok, so not buried alive, but geeze, white washed arent even the words to describe that.

Want one more... at the brook/river down the street from my house with... you guessed it... Big Brother. This time our cousin was with us. Maybe 10 years old, it was cold, snowsuits, boots, gloves, you name it. Big Brother says "that ice is not safe... dont step there" which of course made me all the more curious to step there. As fast as I stepped I went straight through and up over my head. Thank god I put my hands up over my head cause they popped right back out the hole in the ice. Big Bro and Cousin G pulled me out and we all walked to my house crying. My poor mom opened the back door to the three of us all balling our eyes out and I was soaking wet...

I think you get it. Not really a fan of the winter... this girl right here.

So imagine my "excitement" at waking up this morning to 22+ inches of snow... on October 30th... OMG.

Last night we had a fantastic night with our CFW Family celebrating Halloween (in the snow) at a local bar!! It was fun and great to be with everyone outside the gym. Having said that, you can take the crossfitters out of the gym, but you cant take the gym out of the crossfitters!! Get more than two of us together and god bless you if you dont crossfit!!

Well, we lost power at the bar and were all forced to go home... this is what awaited Hubs and I...

As if that wasnt BAD enough... this morning... the rude awaking....


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