Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ideal Body Type?

October 27, 2011

We all have days that we look at ourselves in the mirror and think "god... I hate my body." I think it would be safe to say that every woman (and man) have things about their physical appearance that they would like to change. I know you've heard (or been) the girl with curly hair saying "I wish my hair was as straight as yours..." only for the staright haird girl to reply "yeah, but my hair wont hold a curl at all, I wish it was curly like yours." People want to be taller, or thinner, or have blue eyes, darker skin... you name it, its just hard for "us" to accept what was given to us.

The plus side... there is a reason we are all different. Another plus side (and I said I was a pessimist) is that there are LOTS of things we can control, to an extent, about our physical appearance. Unfortunatly "we" are in a scociety where appearance plays a huge roll, it almost feels like there is pressure to be "thin". I wrote a month or so about my "Body By CrossFit" and I talked about how I am coming to accept my body, I love my muscles, curves and callouses. Well that dosent come over night... and trust me, I am still working on it.

"We" are obsessed with the scale. What we need to realize is that with CrossFit and really most other training programs, if we were to keep track of our measurments and not so much the number on the scale we would be much happier. I do this, I have a notebook that I keep my measurements in weekly. I havent seen the numbers on the scale move as much as I have seen the inches decrease. The problem is, where do we draw the line. What is thin? What is the "ideal body type?" What is it that you are looking for?

Media has us convinced that we have to have a tiny waist, big boobs and small hips, yet remain curvy... they also streamline women with long legs and pack abs... They advertise diet and weight loss pills and "merical" machines to convince people if they use this silly thing for an hour a day they too will have a 6 pack... its unrealistic. There are numerous diets and fitness programs geered towards "fat loss..." there are so many women who say "I dont want to lift weights because I dont want to bulk up." This needs to stop.

So... that brings me to my next question... what does the ideal "fit" woman look like? There is no mold. There are long and lean crossfitters, there are short and muscular ones too... there are olympic skiers, skaters, gymnasts, vollyball players... there are softball players, dancers, weight lifters, fitness competitors, cyclists, marathoners... MMA fighters... the list goes on. Every body type, every woman different and unique.

Check these ladies out!!

My personal inspiration, Gina Carano (formally "Crush" on American Gladaiators" now MMA Fighter)

Some Crossfit Ladies:
Annie Sakamoto kicking ass at the CF Games

Annie Thorisdottir also at the games

Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson

Mia Hamm, Soccer Player

Jennie Finsh, Softball Player

Linda Denise Fisher Harrell, Alvin Ailey Dancer

Another Alvin Ailey Dancer

Melanie Roach, Olympic Trials 2008

Dara Torres, Olympic Swimmer

Who is your inspiration?!

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