Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get Ready

October 19, 2011

This morning I was feeling a lot better when I woke up. I tried to go to bed early, but it was still at least 10:00pm before I was able to fall asleep. I did however say asleep all night which is a plus. Makes getting up with the alarm a little easier. I have been making myself get up on the first buzz rather than the good old faithful snooze. I have realized that just makes me more tired.

Saw this on FB today and love it! I will probably need to remember it this weekend!!

I didnt get to see the WOD last night before heading to bed, but Crossfit Milford who is hosting Garage Games "New England Team Throwdown" this weekend had the WOD's posted (finally). I am going to write about them when we do them so I am not going to list them out here, but we are all even more excited about the competition this weekend now than we were before! I think I was able to sleep a little easier knowing we would be ok for the workouts... that might have been my saving grace.

Speaking of "Grace" she is the WOD that we did in prep for Garage Games today at CFW. I really like cleaning and "Grace" is pretty much down and dirty, 30 Clean and Jerks for time. The womens prescribed weight is 95lbs so thats what I was going to do. I waited for T to get to the gym because I wanted to run for the warmup and I didnt want to run down the street at 5:30am alone. We did the whole warmup together and than got our bars ready to go get "Grace."

I was feeling great. The motion of the clean seemed a little easier with the lesson and practice the other day. I was really trying to focus on the things that K pointed out to me that I was doing wrong and really get speed on the clean. I could hear her while I was doing the WOD trying to get both T and I down under the bar for the jerk. Every time I heard her and I caught myself not doing it correctly I would try to fix it right away. I could really feel it in my hamstrings.

The new "counting" thing I have going seems to be helping. When I have a number of reps to complete I take the number and break it down in my head so it give the illusion that its a smaller number. Example, today we had to do 30 clean and jerks. In my head I said 15 and 15... than when I got to 15 unbroken I knew I was half way, but I was tired. At that point I shifted thought process and said "10 and 5, thats all you have left" and I was able to get the next 10. When there was only 5 left there was no stopping, I hammered them out and finished at 5:41!

After the WOD we had a core circuit for skill. Since there was just the two of us we did a two station circuit that was GHD situps and ab roller. We each started on one and did a set of 5, than switched to do the other for 5, than a set of 10 than switched and so on until we hit 25 reps. The GHD really works my abs and I can feel it right away. The ab roller is very difficult but I am really concentrating on contracting my abs, extending all the way out as far as I can (before my arms cant hold me up) and than using my core, and nothing else to pull in. I had one of these things in high school... bought it because I thought it was going to be "easy." The first time I used it it the farthest thing from easy... and into the closet it went. I think I tossed it at some point...

Tomorrow is another day a CFW! We are one day closer to this weekend and one day closer to our first competition!! Wish us luck!!

Street Jog
2 X 9 Fundamentals
10 Walking Sampson Stretch
2 Min Shoulder Opener on Bar

30 Clean and Jerks (95 lbs)
(My Time 5:41 Rx)

Core Circuit
GHD/Ab Roller

6:30am: Post Workout Shake
8:30am: All Natural Morning Blend Tea
9:00am: Egg Muffins
11:00am: Pear
12:15pm: Acorn Squash & Ground Lamb
3:30-4:00pm: Home-made Beef Jerky
8:30pm: Chicken with Mushrooms and Sauce with Spaghetti Squash

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