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Garage Games - Day 2

October 23, 2011

Well after a solid nights sleep (at least it was for me), I hobbled out of bed at 6:00am for a shower before heading down to experience a second morning in a row of "egg patties" and sausage with Hubs, KP and T. We met up in the hallway and all evaluated how sore we were starting to feel. I think the adrenaline was still going because though we were starting to get there, it didnt seem as bad as it "should" have been. At breakfast we talked about the first WOD and how we would approach it. For me, it seemed as if we were in a much calmer state going into day two. The anticipation of registering and seeing what we were about to face was gone, but there was still anxiety about performing well.

We got back to CFM pretty early. We wanted to secure the spot that we parked in the day before. It seemed a good distance from the garage and the street, gave us plenty of space to warm up and was far enough away from the porta potties... because if there is one place you dont want to be near, its portapotties at a CF Competition. YIKES!! We went inside, checked the heats and got ready for the athletes meeting.

KP had heard from K and M that they might be making the trip to come coach us! We were all very excited to have them on their way. Something about knowing your coaches are going to be there is comforting like nothing else. They know you better than anyone, they know what to say to get you going, and well... they know how to coach! So after the meeting we went for a jog... and to our surprise there was K and M sitting at my tuck waiting for us when we got back! It was so nice to see their faces and hear what they had to say about our performance so far! It was very uplifting!! Just in time for us to get inside for the first WOD.

We entered into the competition area. This WOD was a team relay where we had to perform 80 deadlifts, 60 burpees, 80 snatches, 60 burpees and 80 clean and jerks. We did not all have to do a set number of any exercise we just had to all at least perform one rep. The mens scaled weight for the deadlifts was 115lbs and the womens was 95lbs, and for the snatches and clean and jerks it was 95lbs and 55lbs. We did see some other scaled teams women just using the 45lb bar for their snatches and clean and jerks, but from what we were told, they would have points added to their scores. We just wanted to be sure we were doing the correct weight.

The catch of the WOD was only one person could touch the bar at a time. We had a womens bar and a mens bar so as soon as one of the guys put the weight down and let go of the bar KP or I could go, but if you touched it too soon it was a 2 rep penalty. We did pretty good with this, but we did get caught on quite a few no-reps. They had put a very tight time of 12:00 on the WOD. Most of the Rx teams we had watched previously couldnt finish, but we were going to give it our all.

As soon as the clock beeped we went right in, Hubs, than me, than T, than KP each hammering out 10 reps at a time until we completed all 80 reps of deadlifts. We all had a warning of some sort. I was told to open my hips... our judge was not quite sure what she wanted and other judges kept stepping in. It was quite confusing. We got right into the burpees and decided in advance to do 5 burpees a piece till we had the 60. That worked great, though they kept telling us that we needed to get more upright... as the roaming judge would say it our stationary judge would yell back "she is straight" so there was lots of no reps through the whole WOD.

The next thing you know we were done with the snatches and working on the second set of burpees... the problem was the clock. We ran out of time. We were two burpees short of completing the second 60 and we didnt even get a chance to start the clean and jerks. This was quite discouraging, but we all agreed and K and M did too... that we did our best and we worked really hard. It was a tough workout and a really tight time limit. We worked it! We showed up and we did it!

After the WOD we talked it out and returned to the truck for some protein, food and stretching. We had one more WOD to complete and we were going to give it everything we had left to give! This is the WOD that was getting to me the most. Funny thing was I ok with  fact that it started with an 800m run than all of a sudden when I started thinking about it as a half mile, I wanted to puke. I had done that run a few times during the weekend while warming up, but I had this flashback to running cross country in high school with 100+ people on the starting line and at the gun everyone plows to the front leaving me stranded at the back of the pack... not good.

ok you are right. I can do this. I got this... even if the run sucks... We got this! I was still nervous as we walked out onto the floor. We reviewed the scaling with our judge and than we headed to the line outside to start the run.

OMG... We had talked before we started that KP was to go ahead and go her own pace so she could get back to the garage to catch her breath and get her bearings for the front squats. T was a gem. He stayed behind the pack with Hubs and I and pushed us both the whole way. We returned to the garage and got to work! The next phase of this WOD was 30 front squats (scaled weight 75lbs for women and 115lbs for men) followed by 30 knees to elbows (scaled from toes to bar) and than 40 weighted overhead lunges (45lbs for men, 25lbs for women... scaled from 30 pistols). The catch, each person had to complete all of their reps before you could move onto the next exercise.

KP and I had sorted out that she would start the front squats and do 10 reps, than I would go for 15, than she would do 10, thank I would do 15 than she would finish. Worked like a charm and gave us both the time we need to rest. The boys alternated with 15's and we finished those pretty quick. Next up we hopped up onto the bar and each did as many reps as we possibly could of knees to elbows. They are killer! I was surprised as to how fast we were getting through the rotations. We were very coordinated and right in when the person in front of us finished. With the completion of the knees to elbows all that was standing in our way of completion was the lunges and one more miserable 800m run.

All 4 of us took turns completing the lunges. KP finished first and out the door she went (they allowed it for the last run) to start her 800m. I finished next and dropped the weight and took off. As I was heading down the street to the half way mark a fellow competitor came up behind me and said "you got it girl, keep pushing" and went past me, than another "keep it up" from the next one that passed... its amazing. They are competing, but they have been there. KP and I passed each other and gave each other a boost of energy. When I got to the corner I saw that T and Hubs were on their way. T had waited for him so they could run together! So awesome! I crossed the line and took a few seconds to contain myself, but was anxious to see how they were doing. I headed back outside and started back up the driveway, I knew KP had done the same.

The next thing you see is KP, T and Hubs turn the corner. I jumped right in with them and all 4 of us crossed over the finish line and got our time!! We beat the clock baby!! Not sure what our exact time was, but it was somewhere around 25:00. There was a 30 min cap on the WOD and we were so happy we completed the workout and we completed it really strong!!

I cant say enough about this experience. I cant say enough about crossfit and what it does for me on the inside and out. The weekend was motivating, humbling, inspiring, exciting, hard and fun. Its been a long time since I have competed in any type of athletic event and this brought it all back. I am so ridiculously proud of all of us. I am so so so proud of my husband who totally killed it all weekend, there was a spark in his eye that I have never seen before. My friends T and KP who went above and beyond to get sitters for their kids at the last minute to "enjoy" the weekend with us and totaly crush the workouts... and I cant thank A, K and M enough for coming out for support and coaching.  I am so proud to be part of the CrossFit Wachusett family.

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