Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Extension Launch

October 16, 2011

No new post today... just a quick note to let you know why...

Todays blogging time was dedicated to launching "So... What Can You Eat" my extension blog with all of the recipes that Hubs and I have tried while eating paleo. Lesson #1 ask and ye shall receive... as this has been asked of me and I thought it was a great idea!! So here it is!! I have linked it on the right side bar of at the top of this page and you can get back to this blog in the link at the top of that one.

I have put up a few to start and will be adding as I take pictures and make more food... please let me know if I have mentioned anything that you have a request for. I will also be a guinea pig, so if you see something you think might be good and want someone to try it out, or if you try something and think we might like it, please send along the link or recipe!!

Happy eating and I hope this answers a lot of the "what can you eat" questions!!

I will add... that last night we registered and will be competing in the Team Garage Games this weekend!! We are so excited to have a team together from CrossFit Wachusett!!

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