Monday, October 31, 2011

TABATA or Treat!

October 31, 2011

I am just not even going to talk about the Pats game...

Last night, Hubs and I were on our way home from a friends house (where we watched the four quarters of ass kicking that might have resembled a football game to those who live in Steelers nation... anyway...) and we passed through my work town to asses the power situation. It wasnt looking so good when we approached the off ramp where we saw down trees all over the place followed by darkness. Ought oh...

The rest of the ride home the same situation, all of the surrounding towns were powerless and black as night off the sides of the highway. As we approached our exit the lights were still on and we will still ok at our house. Oddly enough we had 23" inches of the fluffy white stuff that people seem to enjoy... but never lost power. We got home, did what we had to do and went to bed... I knew I would hear from K in the morning if there was no power at the gym.

The alarm went off and I started to get ready. K posted the workout the night before so I knew what I was headed into. I really wanted there to be power. I hate missing a workout! I had not heard from her so I was proceeding as usual. As I drove back roads to get there I was going in and out of areas of power. I had no idea what to expect, but again still hoping we would be good. I approached the street it didnt look good. Dunks was pitch black... Dunks us never closed! But I was delighted to see the lights on when I turned the corner!

Right away I got into the warmup and I was so ready to hit the deadlifts with full force! A few weeks ago I had my PR with 205lbs for 3 reps. I wanted to shoot for that, or above. So after a warmup set K and I loaded 195lbs onto the bar. After that set, she said "wanna just go for the 205?" Absolutely! I went for it and got all five! It felt awesome and really made me want to increase the weight, a quick thought later and I had 215 on the bar for the third set! SUCCESS! I did all 5 reps and felt awesome!!

Next up, TABATA (8 intervals of 20 seconds all-out intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest). Starting with my least favorite and progressing to my favorite I was already happy! This was going to be a mid over matter WOD. I got the green band ready to go and K started the clock. Pullups were hard... as I expected. I pushed myself as hard as I could, managed to get 44 (somewhat) pullups in in the 8 minute round.

I moved onto the pushups and started strong. They were tough, and I did the best I could not stop and get my chest as low to the ground as possible. Last week I had burpees in every workout and now its the pullup and pushup phase. As K says "we have to work on the things we arent as good at. Thats the only way we can get better at them." Amen to that. I got in 50 reps before moving onto the abmat.

Abmat situps and squats came a little "easier" but it gave me all the more reason to push myself as hard as I could to get in as many reps as possible. The 10 second rest felt like two and my arms and abs were burning fierce through both of the exercises. I got in 70 situps and 108 squats. As much pain as I felt I just kept pushing and pumping my legs on those squats. I could not stop.

Follow your dreams... never give up!

3 Rounds
- 20 Double unders
- 15 Abmat Situps
- 10 Inchworms
- 5 Chest to Floor Pushups
2 X 9 Fundamentals
2 Min Shoulder Opener at Squat Rack

TABATA Something Else
- Pullups
- Pushups
- Sit Ups
- Squats
(TABATA of each for total 272)

Deadlift 5-5-5
195lbs, 205lbs, 215lbs (PR)

6:30am: Post Workout Shake
8:00am: Dried Bananas
9:00am: Two Egg Muffins
12:00pm: Salad with Chicken
3:00pm: Paleo Brownie
5:30pm: Salad with Steak Tips

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Halloween...

October 30, 2011

You would think since I grew up in New England that I would love the snow. You would think that since I was made to go outside and "enjoy" the snow as a child that I would love the snow. You would think that since I live pretty damn close to Mt Wachusett and could ski at my leisure all winter long, that I would love the snow. You would think that I would look for ward to a "White Christmas" because thats what we are all taught to love and told we would miss if we moved somewhere that we didnt have it.

Yeah... not so much. I can deal with the cold, I can deal with the dry air, I can deal with the ice... I can not stand snow.

Not really sure what it is. One of my first vivid memories of sledding I was about 5 years old. Big Brother and I went sledding in Lowell with my mom at Shed Park where everyone went. I get to the top of the hill with her, she helps me into my pink plastic sled and gives me a push... there I go. All excited I hear my mom yelling, I turn to look behind me to see what she is saying and before I can make out the words "JUMP OFF" I am nailed in the face with a branch... yep, I hit the one damn tree on the whole hill.

Another attempt at "fun" in the snow as a child. About 13 years old building a snow fort again with Big Brother... I am inside the fort and Big Brother decides that he is going to show how strong it is by walking across the top of it. The next thing you know, his boot is on the side of my face and I am buried alive in a snow mountain... ok, so not buried alive, but geeze, white washed arent even the words to describe that.

Want one more... at the brook/river down the street from my house with... you guessed it... Big Brother. This time our cousin was with us. Maybe 10 years old, it was cold, snowsuits, boots, gloves, you name it. Big Brother says "that ice is not safe... dont step there" which of course made me all the more curious to step there. As fast as I stepped I went straight through and up over my head. Thank god I put my hands up over my head cause they popped right back out the hole in the ice. Big Bro and Cousin G pulled me out and we all walked to my house crying. My poor mom opened the back door to the three of us all balling our eyes out and I was soaking wet...

I think you get it. Not really a fan of the winter... this girl right here.

So imagine my "excitement" at waking up this morning to 22+ inches of snow... on October 30th... OMG.

Last night we had a fantastic night with our CFW Family celebrating Halloween (in the snow) at a local bar!! It was fun and great to be with everyone outside the gym. Having said that, you can take the crossfitters out of the gym, but you cant take the gym out of the crossfitters!! Get more than two of us together and god bless you if you dont crossfit!!

Well, we lost power at the bar and were all forced to go home... this is what awaited Hubs and I...

As if that wasnt BAD enough... this morning... the rude awaking....


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whatever you say Chief!

October 29, 2011

I certainly was feeling the filthy fifty when I woke up this morning. My hamstrings, quads and back appreciated the 8 hours of sleep I was luck enough to get for the THIRD night in a row! I am getting spoiled with this. Better not get used to it... I know it wont last long! I will however take what I can get when I can get it!

Originally I had planned to get up a little later and hit the 9:00 class, things went a little differently last night and I wound up waking up early and getting to the gym for 8:00. I knew I was going to face the "chief" this morning, I saw the workout on Thursdays web posting and knew that was my workout! I love when I see one like that so I know I can attack it on a Saturday with full force!

When I got to the gym M was there and ready for me to get going. I worked through the warmup and got myself going. Really using every warmup movement to get stretched out and my sore muscles moving. All of the exercises I did yesterday affected a different part of my body, so it was important to get everything warm. Rowing helped one thing, inchworms another, grasshoppers, shoulder dislocates and of course the 9 fundamentals really got my blood flowing!

I got the bar set up for 95lb hanging power cleans, and M chalked it up really well for me. I was doing this workout while T and J were doing the filthy fifty, so I was waiting for them to get started at the same time (so we could use the same timer). The next thing you know we were ready and we heard the infamous... 3...2...1... GO!

I dug right in. The WOD for me was 3 power clean at 95lbs followed by 6 pushups and 9 air squats. It was done in 5 rounds of a 3 minute AMRAP with one minute of rest in between each 3 minute round. Get it? So the first three minutes I hammered out 4 rounds. M told me as I was finishing up the 4th round that partial rounds weren't counted, so I literally flew through the last set of 9 air squats like I have never moved before. I didnt want the whole 4th round to not count.

The next round (and the rest of the four 3 minute AMRAPs) I was able to get three full rounds out. I was pumping as fast as I could and really trying to have enough time after the 3rd round to be able to get a 4th in. The cleans were going strong, as were the air squats... the pushups were the hardest for sure. I was again doing my best to push myself, get my chest down to the ground, squeeze my core, screw my hands and toes into the floor and get those reps out.

I was able to successfully complete 16 rounds in the allotted time. Felt really great and I was happy I was able to meet my goal. Forging ahead I am looking forward to meeting and beating my times/weights of previous workouts. My competition... is myself.

I was REALLY proud of myself for the skill/strength today. It was ring dips and when I looked in my trusty notebook I saw that I had used the small green band when doing 12 reps. Right away, knowing I was going to be doing 4 sets of three I wanted to use the smallest band I could. I grabbed the small red band and went to work! To my own surprise I got out all of my reps, unbroken with the red band!! Success!! I love the feeling that what I am doing is working.

Looking forward to a night out with the CFW family tonight!!

Row 500m
2 Rounds
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Grasshoppers
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
9 Fudamentals
Row 250m

5 Rounds, 3 Min AMRAP, 1 min rest in between
- Power Clean(95lbs)
- 6 Pushups
- 9 Air Squats
(16 Rounds Rx)

Ring Dips 3-3-3-3
(Small Red Band)

9:00am: Post Workout Shake
10:00am: Hand full dried bananas
12:00pm: Coffee and Paleo Banana and Chip Pancakes
2:00pm: Paleo Brownie (1.5) and Coffee

Friday, October 28, 2011

Feeling Filthy

October 28, 20111

I have been hearing about the "Filthy Fifty," but I had yet to see the WOD, or actually do the WOD... until today. Last night after dinner Hubs and I looked at the CFW website, and there it was "FILTHY FIFTY." At that moment I decided it was time for bed. It was 8:30pm and I knew by the time I cleaned up dinner, washed up and got in bed it would be close to 9:00 and I wanted to try to get 8 hours in to tackle this bad boy!!

It worked, I was in bed with "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" playing... I love Linus... Hes my favorite!

Anyway... it was great (hehe). I was asleep by 9:00 which gave me my 7 3/4 hours!! Yay!! I actually woke up at 4:30am wide awake, which was odd for me. I guess thats what two good nights of sleep will do for you! I made myself stay in bed till 4:45 than out of bed and off to CF I went.

The "road block" was the wonderful October snow... can you believe this! Thank god for my remote car starter!!  I took this at 5:00am right before I pulled out to go to CF. I forged ahead, and made it to the building... the way the lady in front of me was driving you would think it was still a blizzard out!

Well, KP and I were at it together this morning. She arrived shortly after me. We both looked at the WOD and cringed... thinking "is there a time cap on this thing?" As we were doing the warmup we were joking that K and M were trying to kill us this week!! We had pistols in the warmup, THAN the filthy fifty!?!?! As soon as we were done, we were warm and ready to go.

Filthy it is... Fifty it is... 50+50+50+50... and so on...

Box jumps weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be, and they went by fairly quickly which was a surprise to me. I moved onto the jumping pull ups and wanted to get them as close to unbroken as I could. I got 25 out, than relaxed my arms and did the other 25. At this point We were pretty neck and neck. Next up, KB swings. The weight for these was the same weight we used at the comp, which is pretty "light..." you know... when you have to do 25 of them. Again I broke this up into two sets of 25. I didnt want to let myself rest too much, I feel like once I let myself rest, I am done for. I keep doing it and the rests get longer and longer.

Walking lunges started to get to me about half way through them. KP and I were "walking lunge-ing" all around the gym in circles. I think we both thought it would go pretty quickly if we kept moving. Neither of us stopped, but I will tell you... this was killing my legs. We both "lunged" to our pullup bars for the K2E's. This is where the gap happened. I have such a hard time hanging from that darn pullup bar. As I have said before I really need to get going on this. My hands give out well before my arms... and both of those well before my core and legs. So... one of my huge goals, to get that grip strength up! KP pulled way ahead of me at this point and I was doing my best to hammer away at the K2E. After I wad finally finished I moved onto the push press.

I was pretty sure I could make up some time here. It was only 65lbs, so thats pretty light for me. I did the first half of the set and stupidly rested. I should have kept pushing onward. Heard K tell me to get back on it and picked it right back up. My arms were killing, and I wound up resting again with just 5 left. This frustrated me, as I knew if I had just kept going from the start I would have been better off. Oh well... hindsight. KP was already into her back extensions so she was driving me to push forward. I hopped on pretty much while she was finishing up with them. I broke them up 15-15-20 and had them behind me fairly quickly. My hams and quads were on fire.

So why not head to the wall balls with fiery legs!! Thats no problem at all!! I picked up the 14lb med ball and went to work. The 10'-0" mark seemed pretty high and I did my best to get up to it every time. I got out 15 than took a rest... dumb dumb dumb. Keep pushing! I know I can do more than 15 in a row! This was my worst "resting" part of the filthy fifty... I felt like they were never going to end. I did all of them in sets of 10. Finally I was onto the burpees. These I did all 50 of unbroken. They were slow, and they werent pretty, but they were all there, and they were all done!

Finally the most frustrating and LAST of the 50's were the double unders. I was totally spent and exhausted. My arms and legs were killing from... well... all of the above! I just couldnt

I did it. I completed the Filthy Fifty...

... until we meet again Filthy Fifty, watch your back, I am going to kick your ass next time!!

3 Rounds
- 250m Row
- 10 Leg Swings (each side and front and back)
- 10 Ring Rows
- 10 Pistols
2 X Burgner Warmup

"Filthy Fifty" for Time (35 min cap)
- 50 Box Jumps (20")
- 50 Jumping Pull Ups
- 50 KB Swings  (12kg)
- 50 Walking Lunges
- 50 K2E
- 50 Push Press (65lbs)
 - 50 Back Extensions
- 50 Wall Balls (14lb)
- 50 Burpees
- 50 Double Unders
(My Time 32:41)

6:30am: Post Workout Shake
7:00am: Handful of Banana Chips
8:30am: Green Tea
9:00am: Egg Muffins
12:00pm: Leftover Sweet Potato Pancakes and Chicken Sausage
3:20pm: Dried bananas, apricots and peaches and trail mix

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ideal Body Type?

October 27, 2011

We all have days that we look at ourselves in the mirror and think "god... I hate my body." I think it would be safe to say that every woman (and man) have things about their physical appearance that they would like to change. I know you've heard (or been) the girl with curly hair saying "I wish my hair was as straight as yours..." only for the staright haird girl to reply "yeah, but my hair wont hold a curl at all, I wish it was curly like yours." People want to be taller, or thinner, or have blue eyes, darker skin... you name it, its just hard for "us" to accept what was given to us.

The plus side... there is a reason we are all different. Another plus side (and I said I was a pessimist) is that there are LOTS of things we can control, to an extent, about our physical appearance. Unfortunatly "we" are in a scociety where appearance plays a huge roll, it almost feels like there is pressure to be "thin". I wrote a month or so about my "Body By CrossFit" and I talked about how I am coming to accept my body, I love my muscles, curves and callouses. Well that dosent come over night... and trust me, I am still working on it.

"We" are obsessed with the scale. What we need to realize is that with CrossFit and really most other training programs, if we were to keep track of our measurments and not so much the number on the scale we would be much happier. I do this, I have a notebook that I keep my measurements in weekly. I havent seen the numbers on the scale move as much as I have seen the inches decrease. The problem is, where do we draw the line. What is thin? What is the "ideal body type?" What is it that you are looking for?

Media has us convinced that we have to have a tiny waist, big boobs and small hips, yet remain curvy... they also streamline women with long legs and pack abs... They advertise diet and weight loss pills and "merical" machines to convince people if they use this silly thing for an hour a day they too will have a 6 pack... its unrealistic. There are numerous diets and fitness programs geered towards "fat loss..." there are so many women who say "I dont want to lift weights because I dont want to bulk up." This needs to stop.

So... that brings me to my next question... what does the ideal "fit" woman look like? There is no mold. There are long and lean crossfitters, there are short and muscular ones too... there are olympic skiers, skaters, gymnasts, vollyball players... there are softball players, dancers, weight lifters, fitness competitors, cyclists, marathoners... MMA fighters... the list goes on. Every body type, every woman different and unique.

Check these ladies out!!

My personal inspiration, Gina Carano (formally "Crush" on American Gladaiators" now MMA Fighter)

Some Crossfit Ladies:
Annie Sakamoto kicking ass at the CF Games

Annie Thorisdottir also at the games

Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson

Mia Hamm, Soccer Player

Jennie Finsh, Softball Player

Linda Denise Fisher Harrell, Alvin Ailey Dancer

Another Alvin Ailey Dancer

Melanie Roach, Olympic Trials 2008

Dara Torres, Olympic Swimmer

Who is your inspiration?!

8:00am: Green Tea
9:30am: Egg Muffins
12:00pm: Leftover Chicken with Speg Squash
3:30pm: Dried Peaches, Apricots and Bananas with Trail Mix

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back to the Grind

October 26, 2011

Boy, am I thankful for the person who invented the crock pot... last night when I got home from work feeling exhausted and still a little sore I was greeted with the BEST aroma. My dinner, that had spent the day cooking on my counter. It was waiting for me, all nice and hot and ready to go with no prep! Hubs works late some nights, than he goes to CF, so I am either waiting for him to get home or usually I whip up some eggs and bacon on Monday nights. Not last night... a roast in the crock pot with mushrooms, onions, celery, carrots, squash and a red wine sauce. Yummo! Not only did I get to eat dinner at a reasonable hour, BUT, I was also in bed with my eyes closed and about to fall asleep at 9:00pm!! Yeah, I know, I live on the edge!! I cant tell you what getting to bed at 9:00pm means to me when I have to get up at 4:45am!! Eight hours of sleep is basically unheard of!

When the alarm went off I was up and at em! I felt good and rejuvenated! It was great. Off to CFW I went to jump back in the saddle and do my first "competition hangover" WOD. What better a WOD to do it with too... deadlifts... they make me smile!! Ok, that might be a little sick too!!

The warmup went well. I was a little tight (and its really cold) when I got there. I worked through and got warm. The walking lunges helped to really loosen up my legs and the 3 minute squat sit was just wonderful. I was excited to get into the WOD and happy that I was feeling better so I would be able to do it. I didnt want to take another day off... though I wont lie I am not to sad I missed yesterdays workout, looked like a killer!!

K and I got a 155lb bar for the deadlifts and a 65lb bar for the bent over rows ready... and I took my water over to where I was going to do the dreaded burpees. K set the clock with the 15 minute countdown (the way I like it) and on her count I began. Five deadlifts, ten bent over rows and than 21 burpees... as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. The first round was pretty good. I had no problem with the deadlifts and even though it had been months since I have done bent over rows (used to do them a lot at my old gym) I got right through those as well. The burpees slowed me a bit, but I was determined to do them unbroken.

When I got to the deadlift the second round, thats when it hit me. My legs were still pretty tired from the weekend... I muscled through it and had K telling me constantly to "touch and go" with the reps. It worked like a charm because I kept moving. Likewise with the rows. I was counting the burpees in 5's in my head convincing myself that I did not have to stop, that I could have a sip of water after, that I could keep going.

The next thing you know I was completing my 6th round. I headed to the deadlift bar set up, took a breath and shot to get one more round in before time was up. I had alternated my grip after the second round and that seemed to help with the deadlifts. K was on me about screwing my feet into the ground and quickly touching the ground and pulling right back up on each rep, so I was successful.  Onto the rows, which only got harder by the second. She told me to squeeze between my shoulder blades and feel it working... Oh I felt it!! I had a tiny bit of time left after the rows where I snuck in 5 more burpees and finally time was up. Six rounds + 20 reps... pretty good I thought!

I only rested for seconds between the exercises to catch my breath and get my bearings. Before burpees I took a quick sip of water before getting to work. I am pretty sure I didnt rest much at all, but of course it feels totally different when you are doing it than when someone is watching. Overall it felt great to get back into a WOD...

Skill was double unders... and the max number you could get in a row. Apparently I left my double under in Connecticut... maybe I should put out an APB for it!!

3 Rounds
- 20 Walking Lunges
- 10 Back Extensions
- 5 Pullups
- 10 Scorpions
2 X Burgner Warmup
3 Min Squat Sit

15 Minute AMRAP
- 5 Deadlifts (155lbs)
- 10 Bentover Rows (65lbs)
- 15 Burpees
(6 Rounds + 20 Rx)

Max Number of Double Unders

6:30am: Post Workout Shake
7:00am: Handful Dried Banana Chips
8:00am: Green Tea
9:30am: Egg Muffins
12:00pm: Beef with mushrooms, onions, celery, carrots and squash
3:30pm: Apple Pear and Trail Mix

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stretch... Moblity... Stretch...

October 25, 2011

Tomorrow I am back to reality. I took Monday as a complete rest day. Went food shopping after work than headed home. After the days worth of work I was simply exhausted. I actually wound up wearing sneakers to work since my  legs were aching so bad. In the middle of the day I had to take a trip to a job site and measure. Normally this would be no problem, but the act of standing than squatting a million times to take measurements and sketch the existing conditions was quite the task! Oddly enough, I felt like it actually helped a little bit. Plus, it got me out of the chair that I sit at most of the day and up and walking around.

I coudnt wait for bed last night, but for some reason I just couldnt sleep. I tossed and turned all night long. Everything felt extremely tight and for some reason my mind was racing. Its been a while since I have had a night like that. When the alarm went off I knew I had to get moving... I was already awake.

Knowing I wasnt going to do the WOD I showed up at the gym for some mobility and stretching. I started from the bottom and worked my way up. Did some calf  and thigh rolling followed by some lower body stretching. Than I moved to the hip mobility stretches with the band as well as the frog stretch. I could have sat all day in the hip mobility stretch! Felt so good.

Moved onto back with the lax ball, and than the shoulders. I used the PVC for some shoulder openers and than mobility against the rack. After that I used the band and stretched my shoulders that way. As I was getting further through the stretching things were loosening up so I was feeling pretty good. Tomorrow I will be facing my first WOD of the week.

Jump right back in!!

Garage Games - Day 2

October 23, 2011

Well after a solid nights sleep (at least it was for me), I hobbled out of bed at 6:00am for a shower before heading down to experience a second morning in a row of "egg patties" and sausage with Hubs, KP and T. We met up in the hallway and all evaluated how sore we were starting to feel. I think the adrenaline was still going because though we were starting to get there, it didnt seem as bad as it "should" have been. At breakfast we talked about the first WOD and how we would approach it. For me, it seemed as if we were in a much calmer state going into day two. The anticipation of registering and seeing what we were about to face was gone, but there was still anxiety about performing well.

We got back to CFM pretty early. We wanted to secure the spot that we parked in the day before. It seemed a good distance from the garage and the street, gave us plenty of space to warm up and was far enough away from the porta potties... because if there is one place you dont want to be near, its portapotties at a CF Competition. YIKES!! We went inside, checked the heats and got ready for the athletes meeting.

KP had heard from K and M that they might be making the trip to come coach us! We were all very excited to have them on their way. Something about knowing your coaches are going to be there is comforting like nothing else. They know you better than anyone, they know what to say to get you going, and well... they know how to coach! So after the meeting we went for a jog... and to our surprise there was K and M sitting at my tuck waiting for us when we got back! It was so nice to see their faces and hear what they had to say about our performance so far! It was very uplifting!! Just in time for us to get inside for the first WOD.

We entered into the competition area. This WOD was a team relay where we had to perform 80 deadlifts, 60 burpees, 80 snatches, 60 burpees and 80 clean and jerks. We did not all have to do a set number of any exercise we just had to all at least perform one rep. The mens scaled weight for the deadlifts was 115lbs and the womens was 95lbs, and for the snatches and clean and jerks it was 95lbs and 55lbs. We did see some other scaled teams women just using the 45lb bar for their snatches and clean and jerks, but from what we were told, they would have points added to their scores. We just wanted to be sure we were doing the correct weight.

The catch of the WOD was only one person could touch the bar at a time. We had a womens bar and a mens bar so as soon as one of the guys put the weight down and let go of the bar KP or I could go, but if you touched it too soon it was a 2 rep penalty. We did pretty good with this, but we did get caught on quite a few no-reps. They had put a very tight time of 12:00 on the WOD. Most of the Rx teams we had watched previously couldnt finish, but we were going to give it our all.

As soon as the clock beeped we went right in, Hubs, than me, than T, than KP each hammering out 10 reps at a time until we completed all 80 reps of deadlifts. We all had a warning of some sort. I was told to open my hips... our judge was not quite sure what she wanted and other judges kept stepping in. It was quite confusing. We got right into the burpees and decided in advance to do 5 burpees a piece till we had the 60. That worked great, though they kept telling us that we needed to get more upright... as the roaming judge would say it our stationary judge would yell back "she is straight" so there was lots of no reps through the whole WOD.

The next thing you know we were done with the snatches and working on the second set of burpees... the problem was the clock. We ran out of time. We were two burpees short of completing the second 60 and we didnt even get a chance to start the clean and jerks. This was quite discouraging, but we all agreed and K and M did too... that we did our best and we worked really hard. It was a tough workout and a really tight time limit. We worked it! We showed up and we did it!

After the WOD we talked it out and returned to the truck for some protein, food and stretching. We had one more WOD to complete and we were going to give it everything we had left to give! This is the WOD that was getting to me the most. Funny thing was I ok with  fact that it started with an 800m run than all of a sudden when I started thinking about it as a half mile, I wanted to puke. I had done that run a few times during the weekend while warming up, but I had this flashback to running cross country in high school with 100+ people on the starting line and at the gun everyone plows to the front leaving me stranded at the back of the pack... not good.

ok you are right. I can do this. I got this... even if the run sucks... We got this! I was still nervous as we walked out onto the floor. We reviewed the scaling with our judge and than we headed to the line outside to start the run.

OMG... We had talked before we started that KP was to go ahead and go her own pace so she could get back to the garage to catch her breath and get her bearings for the front squats. T was a gem. He stayed behind the pack with Hubs and I and pushed us both the whole way. We returned to the garage and got to work! The next phase of this WOD was 30 front squats (scaled weight 75lbs for women and 115lbs for men) followed by 30 knees to elbows (scaled from toes to bar) and than 40 weighted overhead lunges (45lbs for men, 25lbs for women... scaled from 30 pistols). The catch, each person had to complete all of their reps before you could move onto the next exercise.

KP and I had sorted out that she would start the front squats and do 10 reps, than I would go for 15, than she would do 10, thank I would do 15 than she would finish. Worked like a charm and gave us both the time we need to rest. The boys alternated with 15's and we finished those pretty quick. Next up we hopped up onto the bar and each did as many reps as we possibly could of knees to elbows. They are killer! I was surprised as to how fast we were getting through the rotations. We were very coordinated and right in when the person in front of us finished. With the completion of the knees to elbows all that was standing in our way of completion was the lunges and one more miserable 800m run.

All 4 of us took turns completing the lunges. KP finished first and out the door she went (they allowed it for the last run) to start her 800m. I finished next and dropped the weight and took off. As I was heading down the street to the half way mark a fellow competitor came up behind me and said "you got it girl, keep pushing" and went past me, than another "keep it up" from the next one that passed... its amazing. They are competing, but they have been there. KP and I passed each other and gave each other a boost of energy. When I got to the corner I saw that T and Hubs were on their way. T had waited for him so they could run together! So awesome! I crossed the line and took a few seconds to contain myself, but was anxious to see how they were doing. I headed back outside and started back up the driveway, I knew KP had done the same.

The next thing you see is KP, T and Hubs turn the corner. I jumped right in with them and all 4 of us crossed over the finish line and got our time!! We beat the clock baby!! Not sure what our exact time was, but it was somewhere around 25:00. There was a 30 min cap on the WOD and we were so happy we completed the workout and we completed it really strong!!

I cant say enough about this experience. I cant say enough about crossfit and what it does for me on the inside and out. The weekend was motivating, humbling, inspiring, exciting, hard and fun. Its been a long time since I have competed in any type of athletic event and this brought it all back. I am so ridiculously proud of all of us. I am so so so proud of my husband who totally killed it all weekend, there was a spark in his eye that I have never seen before. My friends T and KP who went above and beyond to get sitters for their kids at the last minute to "enjoy" the weekend with us and totaly crush the workouts... and I cant thank A, K and M enough for coming out for support and coaching.  I am so proud to be part of the CrossFit Wachusett family.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Garage Games - Day 1

October 23, 2011

We arrived at Whole Foods for dinner on Friday night starving and ready to eat. They have a fantastic selection of foods that fit into the paleo lifestyle so we were all set! We nervously and anxiously talked through dinner (and the whole ride to CT) about our strategy for how we would face the WOD's the next day, but we all knew full well that we could talk about it forever and get no where... we needed to get there and get started to get the "jitters" out. After dinner we checked into the hotel and did our best to get a good nights sleep.

Saturday morning, we met up and hit the continental breakfast (along with quite a few other crossfitters) at the hotel. "Regular" people were wondering what was going on when they saw all sorts of T-shirts on people like "I cant dance, but you should see me snatch" as well as the assortment of odd looking footwear (aka five finger shoes)... we all know what they do and what they mean... but its funny to see people who dont look with confusion. We passed over the waffles, muffins and cereal and headed to the "egg" patties (yes, egg patties, not quite sure how they got that crust, but once you add hot sauce you were good to go) and sausages. Hubs and I both had a protein shake before leaving the room and we had a whole crate and cooler of food between us and KP and T.

Anxiety was high as we arrived at CrossFit Milford, got a parking space where we were going to camp out for the day, and headed inside to scope out the place, register and GULP, see what heat we were in for the WOD's of the day. We had a athletes meeting at 8:30am where Jason (the owner) reviewed the rules and standards for the WOD's and talked about that day. He also filled us in on what the "scaled" exercises would be in some of the events. We had entered into the competition as a scaled team, what that means is for some of the WOD's or particular exercises we would be doing a scaled down weight or modified movement (for example instead of pullups, we would do jumping pullups and instead of 115lbs for the deadlift we would do 95lbs). These types of scaling allows more people to compete and get their feet wet. We compete along side of the Rx division and have all the same standards for moves and time constraints.

I think my biggest stress for day 1 was making sure that I was warmed up enough for the WOD. We typically have a pretty extensive warmup before completing a WOD at the gym and on top of that it was pretty cool out. KP and I decided to head inside to do some practice clean and jerks after a half mile run. The first WOD was "simply" a ground to overhead. There was a 15 minute overall time limit, within that time each team member had to get a weight from the ground to a locked overhead position for 2 reps (we did clean and jerks, but we did see others doing snatches). The max weight that each individual put up added together was the score for the round. The catch, you had 14 seconds from the time you touched the bar to get the weight up twice... AND, through the entire 15 minutes you were not allowed to remove weights from the bar (unless you wanted a 2 minute penalty).

While warming up KP and I coached each other as best as we could. She and I were both shooting for PR's for this round. The most I had clean and jerked previously was 105lbs, and I think I did that twice but with lots of rest. Something came over me and I banged out two within 14 seconds at 115lbs... I was shocked and at that point I felt more ready than ever! KP had also got her weight up twice and her confidence was there as well! We met up with the boys and were ready for the first WOD.

As we were just about to start A arrived to cheer us on! It was so fantastic to see a familiar face and to know she took the time to come down (it was a 2.5 hour ride) and see us was awesome! It makes me happy to be part of the Crossfit Wachusett family!! She was a great cheerleader and she gets credit for all of the photos that are going to be in this post! Thanks so much A, it meant so much to have you there with us!

We found a judge and got settled. The next thing you know, the clock had started and we were on a roll. The mission was to get KP and I done as soon as we could so that the boys could hammer away at their goal. KP started strong and kicked butt. She PR-ed and started us at a great spot!! I jumped in and was able to get the 115lbs up again like I did in the warmup, felt awesome!! T went next and he and Hubs jumped in back and forth till finally T was maxed out (also at a PR) and Hubs kept going to hit his PR!! At that point we decided to take a penalty and drop the weight back down so I could shoot for 125lbs and than we could work back up for T to attempt another PR for himself. As I waited out the 2 minutes I stood there looking at the weight thinking back to the gym "there is nothing on that bar." I knew I could do it. The second I got the go ahead my hands hit the bar and within the 14 second time frame I achieved another PR! Its amazing what the adrenaline did for me.  T used the rest of the time to attempt another PR and with that the four of us had our first WOD of our first competition under our belts. We were pumped!

After the WOD, we went back to the truck, had some protein and some food and started to gear up for the second WOD. We were pumped and ready to keep going. The second WOD was the sled push. This is something we have never done before. All of us were curious how long it would take to push the sled 40m and how heavy it would feel with 70lbs (for the women) and 115lbs for the men. It was a 5 minute AMRAP that was done similar to a relay. Hubs and I on one end and KP and T on the other. The goal was to transfer the sled back and forth as many times as possible in 5 minutes. Again the catch, you had to wait until the sled passed the line before you started turning it. If you did not, the whole team had to do a penalty of 3 burpees. We all know how much we love burpees.... so it was important not to be penalized.

This was a FUN one! Once we got moving we were flying! Hubs started the push and headed the 40m to T. T pushed it back and when he got to me he removed 45lbs and I pushed it back to KP, than K returned it to Hubs. We kept an excellent pace and it felt amazing. You were in lanes with a team competing right next to you so it was great fuel to drive harder and run faster. None of us were keeping tack of the relays and we successfully completed the 5 minutes with NO burpees!! At the buzzer KP was told we had 20 reps!! WOD #2 complete!

Alas it was time for WOD #3. This was going to be the killer. It started with a 1 minute row per person with a 10 second transition time for each person. The object was to get the furthest distance possible in that one minute. At the end all 4 distances were added up. We have all been working on our rowing and it clearly showed on this WOD. We were yelling and cheering on each other while each person was working. Personally it helped me keep pulling and keep the focus on the goal.

After the row, everyone had a 90 second rest to transition to their stations. Each team was lined up with one team member at each station to do the following 20 pullups (which we could choose to scale to be jumping pullups), 25 kettle bell swings, men 55lbs women 35lbs (we scaled that to 35lbs for men and 26lbs for women), 30 box jumps at 24" for med and 20" for women and 35 double unders (which we scaled to be 70 singles). There was a 25 minute cap on the workout. All 4 team members worked at the same time and when they completed their reps they took a knee, once all 4 were on a knee we were free to rotate to the next station. This continued until each team member did all 4 stations for three rounds.

Talk about KILLER. We were totally spent. As we all completed each exercise we would do our best to cheer on each other when someone was still working. It was hard to hear one another, but that didnt stop us. We were using every piece of motivation we could find. The box jumps were the hardest for me. The rest of the exercises I did my best to focus and breathe through the round. We were all so focused and determined to do this. Hubs crushed it on the pullups doing all three rounds of 20 prescribed! It was pretty awesome! The feeling of satisfaction after the WOD was over was unbelievable. Just look at Hubs' sigh of relief!

On that note... we went back to Whole Foods, stuffed our faces... went back to the hotel and soaked i the hot tub for a little wile than crashed for the night. Sunday was going to be a second day of excitement, anxiety, fun.... whatever you want to call it!! We needed our rest and believe me, it wasnt hard to fall asleep that night!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will post Sundays blog...