Friday, September 2, 2011


September 2, 2011

Dear A-Hole Telemarketer that called Hub's Cell at 1:30am,

I do not appreciate getting woken up at 1:30am to tell us that there was unauthorized use of a "Mastercard" that we do not even have. My alarm is going to go off at 5:00am for me to go get my ass kicked at crossfit and if you happen to call again in the middle of the night I am going to be VERY angry. Trust me, you dont want to make me angry...

Your Unhappy NON-Customer and 5:45am Crossfitter,

Yeah.... so thats how my night went.

Anyway. It was a struggle to get up this morning. Its funny how when I have a day off I think all day how I feel like I am missing something, yet the next morning I cant seem to get myself moving. The alarm went off and I laid there... and honestly the first thing that pops into my head (and I am not just saying this for the sake of my blog) is... "Get up, get moving, you want this." Its actually funny now that I think about it, its the same mentality I have during my timed WOD's or AMRAPS... "keep moving, keep going, once you do it you will be happy you did."

I think thats one of the big motivating factors, mind over matter. There is no way, no matter who you are, that you can do this if you dont WANT this. I had had people ask how I get up so early and get going. Its the BEST time of the day for me. I am fresh, I am awake, I havent sat on my butt all day a my work computer with the fluorescent lights draining the energy out of me. There have been nights that Hubs has come home before going to crossfit and I just think how happy I am that I have already gone in the morning. By noon time, albeit I am sore, I have already completed a massive amount of work.

I guess my advice whether you are a morning or an afternoon crossfitter (or gym goer)... and you have a day where you just dont feel like going, or you are tired, or you are sore. Go for it. Get there, make it happen and you will be happy you did. Research shows that 60% of all gym memberships go unused. Thats CRAZY!! Dont be part of the statistic. Just having the gym membership isnt enough, you have to work for it and you have to push yourself to the limit!

TWELVE... 12... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12... that was the lucky number of todays WOD.

Do you know how long 12 minutes is? 720 seconds... dosent seem so long when you put it that way, but when you are doing an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 12 box jumps and 12 K2E (knees to elbows) it feels like an hour!

I think I did pretty well today. The K2Es killed me. I started off with 12 right off the bat. Pretty simple. Went into the box jumps and hammered out 12. K reminded me to rid myself off the "shuffle" between  jumps. Its all in the perception of landing the box jump. Having the right mindset and relieving yourself of the "fear" that you arent going to land on top of the box without readjusting your feet every time you land on the ground is tough. However, I was able to do it. It took a lot of time out of each round.

K was a #1 cheerleader today! I needed it! Every round of K2E seemed like it was taking a lot out of me. I was losing my breath and having a hard time not stopping to catch it. She keep shouting out time to finish the set by and pushing me to keep going. It was very encouraging and even though I felt like I was going to hurl (for some reason the K2E do that to me), I was able to keep going.  Box jumps actually felt "easy."

In the last 2:30 of the 12 minutes she said "get at least one more full set and than some..." so I really wanted to push another set out. 12 K2E... 12 box jumps... and I still had more time to get in some more K2E... at this point I was wishing that I was able to start with the box jumps because they were easier (wink wink K)!! All in all 7 rounds and 6 more K2E wasnt too shabby.

The skill set was "handstands..." I havent done a handstand since I was 10 years old I think. K and I were laughing as I was trying to get myself into a handstand to attempt a handstand pushup. Oh my... was it funny. Talk about fear. I was pretty afraid to do this, but I knew again, it was mind over matter. I kicked my legs up and got up there but didnt have my elbows locked. She says "ok, pushup" and I laughed because I was trying to push and was going nowhere... and came down. FAIL. I tired again, this time keeping my arms locked. FAIL. Finally she says "how about a headstand" so I get up in a headstand and she comes over and assists me into the handstand. SUCCESS! Now for the pushup. I did one. About 2" down to the three abmats piled below my head, and back up. That was enough for me!

Next attempt will be to just get the handstand down and to hold it for as long as I can.

500m Row
2X Bergner
10 Shoulder Dislocates

3 Min Squat Hold

12 Min AMRAP
12Box Jumps (20" Box)
(7 Rounds + 6)

5-10 Min Handstand Work
(1 Handstand Pushup) 


  1. Wish I could have seen the Handstand scene, must have been funny with both of you laughing.