Monday, September 5, 2011


September 5, 2011

WOW!! What a great workout at CFW this morning!! I was certainly not anticipating such a successful workout for myself today. Yesterday (after my post about the foam roller) we headed to the cookout. As expected, there was lots of volleyball and seeing as how my calves were already super tight and sore, it probably wasn't the smartest thing in the world to play barefoot. However, barefoot is the way we roll at family cookouts in my family, so it was time to suck up the pain and play!!

I will say I had quite a few conversations with my cousins and friends about my CrossFit Adventure. Some were teasing me about my blogging, some were congratulating me on my successes so far and some were saying that what I am writing here (and the change they can already see in my body in three short weeks) is inspiring them to want to try. Some even thought I was crazy about telling them we would be at the gym at 8:30 this morning after the cookout, but I was certain I was going to make it. I was boasting a lot about CFW and the power of peer motivation. One cousin mentioned that he wants to go to the gym but he really needs someone to stand there and "yell at him" to keep moving. I told him CF would be perfect, a little but of friendly competition and excellent coaches is the KEY to a great CF experience!!

We got home around 12:00 last night, Hubs hopped into the shower and I hopped onto the foam roller! The tightness was crazy!! Than something just came over me, whether it was the guilt of the small amount of sweets I had at the cookout, or the beer I drank, not sure... but I decided I should do my 100 hollow rocks! So, while Hubs was showering I was "rocking and rolling" literally. I got 75 done and he was finished in the shower, so it was my turn. In bed and sound asleep by 12:45!

I knew that 7:00 was going to come early. Two snoozes later and we got up at 7:30. Coffee for him and tea for me with a few minutes to get the sleepys out of our eyes we were down the street and ready to work out by 8:30am! I would be lying if I said I didnt check out the website before we left to see what the WOD was going to be. I was greeted with a pic... hey, I know her...

This was taken the day I met "Helen" and was doing KB Swings with the Rx weight of 16kg!! When I saw what we were doing today I was pumped and nervous at the same time... I keep getting that feeling. I am past the feeling of "how am I going to do that" and very much set in the realm of "YES, I am going to do the prescribed weight!"

When we arrived it was an awesome sight. There were 7 people there already! It was going to be a fun workout! We did the WOD in shifts, as the 4 ladies who were there before us were almost done their warmup when we got there so they went first while we warmed up. Hubs and I did the warmup together and when we were done we watched and encouraged our fellow CFers to finish their WOD.

Finally it was our turn. My goal... to complete the entire WOD with Rx weight for the women (which for thrusters is 85lbs). I did a practice lift to see what I felt with the 85lbs. I was feeling it, but I was doing it... it was NOT going to be pretty!! I lined up 5lb weights near my station so if needed K could switch out the weights while I was doing the double unders if needed.

The clock ticked down and for the first time in my three plus weeks at CrossFit Wachusett it was not only me, but Hubs, P, T, and T all doing the WOD at the same time!! So exciting and really so motivating. We also had the ladies who completed the workout before us cheering us on with K. What a great feeling. K yells, "three, two, one" and the clock beeps... "pick it up!!"

The first set of thrusters I banged out pretty quickly. I purposely had my back turned to Hubs (who was behind me) and the rest of the garage, and most importantly, the clock. Dropped the weight and went right into the double unders. I found my "magic jump rope" because I was able to get sets of twos and threes in a row... this made 20 double unders go a lot quicker!! I had not even paid attention to the time for a split second.

Right into the second set. K was doing an awesome job cheering everyone on. I could hear "great job T," "Yeah P, " "Keep it up M" (side note, M = Hubs) amongst her "Push it S" cheers for me... it was exciting! I could feel the energy and just wanted to push myself harder. I almost asked K to switch out the weight for me after that set, but refrained. She said "you know we can change it mid set too, so just keep going and if we have to we can." Challenge... challenge... challenge. I kept saying "look at the bar and think, there is nothing on it."

Keep going I did... before I knew it I was on the last set of thrusters.... than DONE with the thrusters. I did all 4 rounds with the Rx weight!! I was so, excited!! Onto the last set of double unders. I finished with a pretty good time, but I was more excited about keeping the Rx weight than anything else!! God that feels good!

I continued to keep the cheering going to the rest of my team through all the deep breathing and sips of water!! It really was awesome for us all to be there together. No one cares where anyone is with their weights, everyone celebrates everyone's accomplishments... big, small... whatever it is. Clearly not everyone is at the same level, nor do they have to be. K did an AWESOME job today being there for everyone!! Thank you so much, you are helping me change my life!

I have tried to explain this to a few of my friends so I want to put it out there. Trying out CF shouldn't be scary. Workouts can be modified for you, your ability and level of comfort. Its important to start somewhere and work towards your goal, remember its not going to come overnight, but it also wont come without a challenge. P said today something that really stuck with me "be uncomfortably comfortable." Thats right... push yourself beyond your comfort zone, but dont have unrealistic expectations where you get hurt. You will get there, work hard and you will hit your goals! Who knows, you might surprise yourself and it will come sooner than you think!

Pardon me, as I have an appointment with my foam roller and I want to eat my omelet and bacon before it gets cold!!  Enjoy your Labor Day everyone!!

400m Run
2 X 9 Fundementals
Hip Mobility
Shoulder Mobility
400m Run

4 Rounds for Time
10 Thrusters
20 Double Unders

20 sec on, 10 sec rest, 8 rounds


  1. No, thank YOU for writing this blog! Its great to see the experience from the view of you! It gives me insight into when to give you that extra push and it also keeps me motivated during my workout. When I get tired during my WOD's, your blog words often creep into my head about working through it!

  2. Way to go with the Thrusters Sarah! Amazing! You sure are are a CrossFit woman!
    Love the blog!!