Friday, September 30, 2011

Row is me.

September 30, 2011

What happened to September? Wow… time really flew by. I think the last I remember it was sometime in August and Hubs had just said “hey I found this CrossFit place in Westminster… wanna go on Saturday and check it out, maybe try a workout?” The rest has been history. I cant believe we just finished week 7 of our training. I am feeling fantastic, sore, but a fantastic sore!

This morning I was definitely feeling better. I am on the upswing of this cold and have no need for cold medicine anymore. I was also  happy about sleeping through the night without waking up coughing 100 times. I know that this isn’t the last time I will be sick, but I have to say,  I am really happy that I was able to get up and go to CFW every morning and push through my workouts. My times may not have been the best that they could have been, but at least I gave it my all. I didn’t want to let it get me down and I thought if I was able to push through maybe it would help me recover faster. I am pretty sure that it did.

My alarm went off and I hit snooze. Never a good idea. The next thing you know my “back up” (yes I have a back up alarm) went off on my cell phone. This is the first time I have actually had to hear it. I jumped right up and said a few explicit things and quickly turned it off so it didn’t wake up Hubs. Oops, I was now rushing to get out the door. I wasn’t actually late, I plan to be there 15 minutes early every day. You never know when things are going to happen, or when you aren’t going to get up when your alarm goes off.

K was waiting when I got there. I of course checked the workout on the website last night. It was going to be a good one and since I was feeling better I knew I was going to have fun with it. The warmup included double unders again…. Someone (not mentioning any names… Hubs) has been using my jump rope at the gym… BUT, he is making it shorter when he uses it… I didn’t realize it until I couldn’t get a double under. It’s the second time it happened and as soon as I adjusted it I banged out 20 double unders in a row! I still cant link them back to back, I have an intermittent jump in between. I did try on the last set of 20 to get them, but was not successful. I will work on this!

The WOD as I expected was so much fun. K and I set up the OH squat with 65lbs. This is  quickly becoming one of my favorite exercises, it is right up there with deadlifting for me. Something about having the weight over head is what makes me like it. I feel really strong. Se adjust ed the rower to the calorie setting and I was ready to go. Once I made it through the first set (21 reps) of OH squats without rest I knew I was going to be able to keep that pace through the rest of the WOD.

Back and forth I went from the OH Squat to the row. I had a great pace and rhythm. I was feeling awesome! I kept my water bottle right at the end of the row machine so when I got up to head to the squat rack I could take a sip, my throat is still a little dried out from the cold meds. I am really grasping how to get the most distance out of one pull on the row machine. K was watching me making sure I was pushing through the heels and pulling back the row as far as I could. She keeps reinforcing that the forward movement does nothing, so I should not exert much on that. It really helps to keep that in mind while rowing.

She coached me through my  OH squats and rowing like she always does. If you have never had a personal trainer or a coach for anything in your life, you should try it. I have talked to some people who have said that they prefer not to have someone watching, or that they prefer to do it on their own since that person will annoy them. I think that’s BS… I think that person is just scared that they will get pushed out of their comfort zone and will not know what to do with themselves. Working out with the right people, like K and M behind you is AWESOME!  Yes, they hold you accountable to pushing to your limit, yes, sometimes they want you to do something that you think you cant do… the trick is, they KNOW you can do it and they are helping you to realize that you in fact can do whatever you want to do!

I finished up  with skill, today is was toes to bar (or knees to elbows). This, and pull-ups are two things I really want to work on. I think in general it is all things that involve me hanging from the bar. I need to toughen up my hands and  get comfortable with the feeling of hanging. So today, I attempted some toes to bar. Guess what? I did it. Not a ton of them, and since it was only a 5-5-5-5 , it was only a few attempts. I did a few real ones, than I would get tired and not be able to get my butt up. I am working on it though. The kip will come, I can feel it!

10 Double Unders
10 Inchworms
20 Double Unders
2X9 Funfamentals
10 Double Unders
Shoulder Mobility (Lax Ball)

Oh Row
21-18-15-12-9-6  for Time
- OH Squat (65lbs)
- Calorie Roa
(My Time 12:30 Rx)

Toes to Bar 5-5-5-5
(starting to learn how to kip!)

7:30am: Banana
8:30am: Green Tea
11:30am: Flank Steak with Balsamic Bacon Glaze and Sweet Potatos
9:00pm: Chef's salad with oil and vinegar and 3 Blue Ribbons ($1.50 drafts!)

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