Saturday, September 3, 2011

Put your head on my Shoulder...

September 3, 2011

Ahh, Saturday. Its nice to sleep in a bit, but even better to get to be able to go to CFW at 8:30am. I was feeling sore from yesterdays box jumps and K2E. My core got quite the workout and my hamstrings. I was felling shoulder soreness as well, I think from either the K2E (hanging from the bar) or maybe it was the handstands. Not quite sure, but in any case... it dosent really matter. Its a good and welcome soreness!

Hubs and I got up, he has his coffee and I had my green tee while I thumbed through some of my old Oxygen magazines. I found a few while I was cleaning last weekend and I still have a few new ones from this year (after I read them and tear out or scan any recipes that I am interested in I give them to my friend). Of all the fitness mags for women, I think Oxygen is the best one. Pretty on the money with their information... however, as you would expect it is quite trendy. I am looking back at some of the older stuff thinking "oh yeah I remember when that was popular."  I also get frustrated because they advertise on their covers "sexy legs in 6 moves" or "flat abs by summer..." give the wrong message in my opinion and makes women believe that there is such a thing as spot reducing. You want flat abs... it takes more than sit ups.  I do like how they have real women in their mag and sometimes the cover model isnt just skinny... she is fit (like I talked about the other day). Thats nice to see.

Anyway. I was so excited to get to CFW this morning!! I missed Thursdays workout because it was my day off and I just couldnt wait to hit it hard this morning!! M is back from being stuck in Vermont thanks to Irene so we had both he and K with us today. It was nice because Hubs missed the Wednesday workout (hello cardio) so we each had someone to push and guide us. We were the only two that ventured to CF land this morning, so we had the place and K & M to ourselves!

My WOD was Shoulders, Shoulders, Shoulders... the mobility stretches that M showed me a few weeks ago were fantastic in the warmup. Really its one of those painful, but good painful feelings. It allows so much more movement with my shoulders, its amazing. I did both the lacrosse ball stretch and the band stretch. I think I could do them every day.

I got right into the shoulder press for 3-3-3-3-3. My 1RM was 81lbs during the crossfit total a few weeks ago. This is the hardest for me because its a clean press. You dont dip before you lift. Your natural movement to get something heavy up over your head is to dip, so it takes concentration to hold in your core and push without it. I knew I was going to at least shoot for one of the sets to be 81lbs for 3. We started at 70lbs. Right up the ladder... my third set was 81lbs. DONE. So, we added 5lbs. I got 85lbs up two times, and just couldnt get the third one up. M and K were coaching me on to tighten my core and push that weight up. It felt good to at least get two reps in with a weight higher than my previous 1RM. Back down we went to 76lbs for the last set of three.

Next, we moved onto the push press. This is the same as the shoulder press for the most part, but get the "dip" before you press. Just that little bit of momentum make a huge difference. M encouraged me to start at 76lbs for this one. M watched and reminded me to shorten my "dip" and use the quick push back up to get the weight up. K coached me along while I was in motion to be sure my core was tight and enable me to forget how much weight was on the bar. We worked up the ladder adding 5lbs each time. I was pretty comfortable at the 90lb mark and she asked if I wanted to stay there for the last set, I said "Nah, lets add 5 more." I was able to get 96lbs up 2 times. I attempted the third time twice.... but I couldnt lock it in.

I was tiring... I could feel it in my shoulders already... but we were on to the push jerks. This is my favorite of the three I think, and even more so now after today. Previously I had done 65lbs for 10 reps in the push jerk. I knew it would be higher today because it was only 3 reps and it wasnt in a timed WOD. I was ready. Started at 85lbs. Already 20lbs heavier. When I hit 96lbs which was the 3rd round I almost lost it. The first rep I wasnt aligned right and I fell forward, dropped the weight. M and K both were watching so we stopped for a little coaching before I went in for the second attempt. They explained what I did wrong. M said I should get my shoulders set before I start to press, what happened is I pushed too far in front of myself and with 96lbs I started to go forward with it. K said that I was actually adding work for myself by squatting at the bottom of the press, so I needed to get under the bar quicker.

With all of their adjustments I was able to get the 96lbs up for three... so we added more, 101lbs and ta da... I did that too. Somehow that 101lbs felt easier than the 96lbs. One more set to go and I looked at both K and M and said "what the worse thing that can happen... I drop it." And what do you know... I did it 105lbs for three. Get out of that comfort zone.

Damn that felt good!

Onto the skill set. I havent run that much, or that fast in a long time. Since high school maybe. I was sort of poking fun at Hubs about how sore he said he was after doing the sprints on Thursday. Oops, karma came and bit me... right in the calf. I worked hard through the whole 10 minutes of  ten 100m sprints. My times for each interval were pretty consistent. Going up the hill K said I was in the 20-21 second range, and coming down I was in the 18-20 second range through the whole thing. She stood at the bottom of the driveway reminding me to pump my arms, run all the way through and never give up. It was awesome. My right calf however is sore, sore, sore... already!!

Hubs had a great day too... he did Wednesdays Cardio Hell workout... BUT, surprised himself and worked so hard... had a great time of 18:28!! Beat 18:30!! So proud of him!!

We are back at the house and about to make some more paleo pancakes!! Looking foward to the rest of the weekend and another CFW Workout on Monday!!

Block Jog
2X Fundamentals
Shoulder Mobility

Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3
(70lbs, 75lbs, 81lbs, 85lbs-2, 76lbs)
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
(76lbs, 81lbs, 85lbs, 90lbs, 96lbs-2)
Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3
(85lbs, 91lbs, 96lbs, 101lbs, 105lbs)

100m Sprints on the min every min
10 Minutes
(20-21 sec Uphill, 18-20 sec Downhill)

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  1. You kicked some ass today!!! And I got my ass kicked, actually I did better than I expected. Getting better at my cardio conditioning!!!