Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plus Three

September 14, 2011

Wow, its already half way through September. The whole year seems to have flown by... before we know it there will be snow on the ground and we will all be complaining about how cold it is! My favorite time of the year is fall. I love the changing of the season when the warmer daytime air turns to cool night air. I love the smell that fills the air of burning leaves and that "fall"smell that you cant really explain, like what it smells like outside when its going to rain. The leaves changing colors making the usual ride into work splashed with oranges and reds... it makes me smile. Makes me think of lots of great memories. The fall feels like a perfect time of year to shed all of the bad and negative things that happened throughout he year and get ready for a new year.  And... of course... the fall means FOOTBALL, tailgating at Pats games, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), apple picking, warm hoodies and wrapping up with a blanket at night with the windows open. Whats not to love!!

This was one of Hubs and my engagement pictures, taken October 31, 2004

This morning I was ready to go! I had checked out the WOD last night before bed and was excited for the "push/pull" workout... yes, even though it had pull-ups involved. I am coming around. Not that they are my favorite, by any means, but in order to get better at them I have to keep going with them. I still know that a modification is necessary, but I am really looking forward to the new pullup bar at the new location... I have high hopes. I am sure there will be obstacles, but I am going to do it!

Hubs found a video of some crazy guy doing a million double unders and all sorts of tricks with the jumprope. I watched it the other day and when he broke down the actual double under I was paying close attention. I need to get these down. This morning with the million and a half double unders in the warmup I had lots of opportunity to give what I learned a shot. I did quite a few in a row and I think (like anything) with time I will be able to get them. Practice makes perfect!

Here is the video.

My legs were a little sore doing the walking spidermans... definitely from the deadlifts and runs yesterday. Its so weird to say that it feels good to be sore, but it really does. We started August 8th with "real workouts" thats a little over a month ago. I have been sore pretty much every day since then. Thats how I know I am working hard... and I love it!

The WOD was tough today. I know I can push press 85lbs, so I was definitely going to do the Rx weight and I of course used my assist for the pull ups. The first set was a set of 3 of each, than a set of 6, than 9... and so on... till 15 rep of both. It was almost like reverse psychology. Rather than starting with the high reps we had to start with the low reps, so you are feeling great at 3, but by the time you get to 15... ouch!

I was ok and had a good time till the 9's. I did the first 5 push presses and dropped the bar. K helped me get it back up on the rack so I didnt have to clean it, and I went in for the last 4 unbroken. When I started the 12's I had to really focus and squeeze everything and really push with my legs to get the weight up. I could hear K reminding me of all of this between reps and I had my vision totally focused on a certain knot in the tree that was in front of me. Finding a focus object sometimes helps me to get through these harder lifts. After making it trough the 12's I was onto the 15's. I looked at the bar and said "three sets of 5, you can do this."

I got into it, got the first 5 out, rested and got back in for the second 5. The last one of those were hard and K was behind me "push, push, push" and I was able to lock it in. Rested a second and went in for the last 5. I got 4 in, attempted the 5th and dropped it. She helped me get it back up and I didnt waste any time, I picked it right up. K said "big push with the hips" and boom... did it. 15 more pullups and my time was 10:09!

Skill was "floor wipers" very very cool! I can already feel the muscles that they worked in my core. K asked what I could bench when I was going to the gym so we could gauge what weight I could use. We decided on 75lbs. So what you do... you lay on your back and press the weight up like a bench press, hold it there and lift your legs so your toes go from one weight to the other
right, center than left... than back and forth... 20 of them. I can already feel the muscles that they worked!!
Today is the 3rd day of the paleo challenge! I am feeling good. I have actually been trying to stick with Green Tea rather than coffee so eliminate the sugar or splenda
2 Rounds
- 10 Double Unders
- 10 Scorpions
- 20 Double Unders
- 10 Abmat Situps
- 30 Double Unders
- 10 Spidermans
3-6-9-12-15 for Time
- Push Press (85lbs)
- Pull-ups
(My time 10:09, Rx weight on Push Press, Black Band Pull-Ups)
Floor Wipers 20-20-20

7:00am: Post workout Protein Shake
7:30am: Banana
8:30am: Green Tea
10:00am: Egg Frittata (2)
12:00pm: Balsamic Flank Steak (same as yesterday) and green beans
3:00pm: Green Tea
4:30pm: Lara Bar
9:00pm: Chicken Scallopini and Spaghetti Squash

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