Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Form

September 9, 2011

When I write the words "good form" on a blog mainly used as my crossfit journal immediately your mind should jog right to having good form while working out. I have talked a lot about that. Making sure to keep your butt under, your core tight, your hips rotated... and all that. Making sure that you have good form while working out is #1 for injury prevention and to assure proper muscle growth and advancement. Its important to have good coaches in your corner to guide you and instruct how to develop your skills and keep your form simultaneously.

This morning I want to talk a little about a different kind of "good form." As we all know, this is the weekend that marks the 10th anniversary of September 11th. As I was returning from CFW this morning the morning show I listen to every day were playing the air time that they recorded from that morning when they first found out the towers were hit. I actually was frozen getting out of my truck because I wanted to hear it. I wound up streaming it on my phone so I could listen to the rest while I walked into my house.

When I arrived at work I had things to do right away. Suddenly the owner of my firm called us all into the conference room. We all grabbed our coffees and notebooks not knowing what the meeting was for. We than all sat around the conference room table while he spoke. "I just wanted to share this with you all, we all remember where we were when the attack happened, today I just wanted to remind you to never forget." He than played a very moving piece with Alan Jacksons "That September Day" playing in the background. Images of the towers, news clips, and pictures of the mass chaos and confusion that we all know so well and remember so vividly flashed across the screen. Silence.

When it was over said some words that were very moving "September 11th is not a day for hate, its a day for us to remember those we have lost." He than asked us all to join him in the lobby. We all walked out holding flags and planted about 30 flags across the stone wall in front of our building. He gave us all a minute to take a break and remember, however we wanted to remember. Good form, bossman... good form.

I am lucky enough to have both, wonderful trainers and a wonderful boss. All of which practice "good form."  K and M, not only teach me "good form" with my workouts, but they teach me how to be strong, how to be confident and how to push myself mentally and physically to the extreme, pushing me out of my comfort zone and to the goal I have set for myself to achieve. They are confident in me and their other CFW members.  My work environment is very similar. I am pushed and challenged out of my comfort zone, my education is tested and I learn more and more about myself, my strengths and my weakness daily. Bossman (and other higher-ups) has confidence in me. To know that he has such "good form" in how he thinks of his employees and the value he shows us all for our personal lives is unheard of in the corporate world.

I am one lucky lady to have such wonderful people (in addition to my parents, who I could write a while post in its self about) in my life to follow and learn "good form" from.

To touch on today's workout I will change the subject. I arrived at 5:30 and finally it wasnt raining. I looked at the website this morning to see what I was in for and of course... PULL UPS!! Havent done those in a while! Haha! I am proud of myself as I go through the warmup. I bang out pushups like nobodies business now. A month ago I couldnt do 4 in a row without modifying them. Wednesday I banged out 25 in a minute! This morning I didnt even think twice to drop and to the 5 in the warmup. Feels great!

I started the WOD. I took the first steps for the 400 and my calves immediately locked up. Holy moses... where did that come from. My hamstrings were also VERY sore, must be from the pistols. I pushed through the run, got right into the wall balls than into the pullups, no breaks. Still had that massive black band for the assist on the pullups. I dont know why I am so weak with them. All three rounds, I barely stopped. No walking on the runs, no putting down the med ball (I did drop it twice because I didnt get under it to catch it) and no long pauses on the pullups. K kept my energy up and I was able to finish in 12:23. I am good with that but next time, it has to be better. A few weeks ago we did "Helen" and I had a better time. I need to get that run time down thats where I loose a lot of my time.

I used the 12kg (26lbs) for my turkish getups. It was tough, but I have decided if its not hard... its way to easy! I didnt want to wimp out and lower the weight, I knew I could get through it. I keep surprising myself, I did all three sets of 8. It was hard, it was work... but it wouldnt be crossfit if it wasnt!

25 Double Unders
3 Rounds
- 10 Squat Jumps
-5 Leg Swings
25 Double Unders
Hip Mobility

3 Rounds for Time
- 400m Run
- 20 Wall Balls
- 10 Pull Ups (black band assist)

Turkish Get-ups 8-8-8

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