Friday, September 23, 2011

Conquer the HSPU

September 23, 2011

What a nice change. I had originally planed to take today off and head to the cape, but one thing lead to another, plans changed and I was blessed with a Friday off and no plans. What a wonderful thing. Not only did it allow me to sleep in a bit, but it allowed me to head to CFW for 7:30am rather than 5:30am... its amazing what 2 extra hours of sleep does for me.

I worked late last night and had another meeting, so when I got home at 10:00pm I checked the website. For the first time in a few weeks I wasnt sure what every exercise in the WOD was. I was excited to try something new! So after sleeping in a little later than usual I headed over to see what K had in store for me.

It was great to see double unders in the warmup. I am really happy with my progress with them and the more I do them the better I am going to get at them. The first set of 25 in the warmup I did wound up doing more than necessary because I didnt want to stop when I got on a roll. I think I did 30 or so... 5 at a time! It was great. Each set of double unders got better and better.

I was ready for the WOD. I have already done a TABATA workout a few weeks ago. To explain, its basically 20 seconds on, than 10 seconds of rest for eight minutes straight. K explained what a "bottom to bottom" was, basically an air squat however, when you get to the 10 second rest portion you rest at the "bottom" of the squat. Easy right? Yeah... thats what I thought. Good lord. The first 20 seconds were cake. I flew through the squats and the rest wasnt so bad, by the time I got to the 4th rest my thighs were burning and my squats were slowing down.

The 5th through 8th working set were tough, during the rest period my legs were on fire. It felt like it was almost impossible to get up from the squat position at the beginning of the 20 seconds, and again almost impossible to stay in the "bottom" squat position for the rest. It was much harder than I expected. Not to mention I knew following the TABATA I had a 1500m row for time.

I took the first 3 steps to the row machine and thought I was going to fall over. My legs were like jello as I sat down and strapped in. K was behind me setting me off on the row. She encouraged me through to keep the pace time below 2:10 for 500m. I did pretty well and managed to keep pretty steady. She was reminding me that its the "pull" of the row that does the work. I have a tendency to do the entire motion to quick, this takes a lot more energy and it doesnt make you go anywhere distance wise. Geeze it felt like 1500m was never going to appear on the screen. When I concentrated and took a long pull, tightened my core, flattened my back and pushed through the heels the result was clear. Finally 1500m was complete at 6:15. I was beat.

I took some time to relax, stretch and talk to K about the rowing and how deceiving I thought the TABATA workout was. I couldnt help but laugh when I thought of the last time I attempted HSPU (hand stand push ups) when we were at the garage... if you forgot you can fin it HERE). K had rigged up some bands to create an assist for them, but I wanted to see what I could do without it. She set up some abmats and I was faced with the same situation as I was weeks ago. All I had to do was get up there. Wouldnt you know it. My first attempt there I was, upside down doing a hand stand!! K was so excited (and I was too, but I was upside down)!! Than, to my very own surprise I completed 5 pushups!!

I couldnt believe it. I came down and was in total shock!! Both K and I were wondering how it was that after the last time I couldnt even get the handstand and here I was doing both the handstand AND the pushups!! I went for set number two and completed that too and followed it up with the last two sets! Four sets of 5 hand stand push ups! What the!?!?

Right than and there I had one of my favorite moments of crossfit thus far. I have had quite a few moments when it comes to weights and pushing to a heavier weight, but when I was able to do those HSPU's I was just filled with satisfaction! Accomplishment. The fear dissipated, I conquered a goal I set for myself. It felt amazing.

25 Double Unders
10 Inchworms
15 Double Unders
2X 9 Fundamentals
5 Double Unders
10 Shoulder Dislocates

TABATA "Bottom to Bottom"
+ 1500m Row (for time)
(My Time 6:13)

HSPU 5-5-5-5

P.S Good Luck to my coaches K and M who are competing in the Garage Games this weekend!! We will be there to cheer you guys on!!

10:00am: Paleo Pancakes
11:00am: Coffee
4:00pm: Wake Up Wrap
8:00pm: Ale House, Bacon Portabella Burger, Salad and a few Sweet Potato Fries

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