Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bring on the Rain

September 7, 2011

Talk about sore. Yesterday was a sore day for sure! I will admit I did go through a patch of the day where I was feeling a little down on myself. Disappointed that I couldnt keep my weight up through the entire workout, and disappointed that I took as many breaks as I did while I was doing it. I talked to Hubs about it and assured me that I had three really hard workouts (all including my shoulders) in a row and I did the best that I could do. I know that I did... and I know there will be other hurdles. I cant get to where I want to be without some failures, and if I start at the top there is nowhere to go. So at least now I have a goal to beat.

Dinner last night... my favorite spaghetti squash! Hubs and I are trying to stick with the paleo (or primal blueprint diet). HERE is a good definition of the Paleo diet. Found it on the CrossFit Exp website. It basically states that Paleo followers eat meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, treennuts, vegetables, roots, fruits, berries and mushrooms. We stay away from grains, dairy, beans, potatos, sugar and "fake foods." The article talks more about oils, seeds, salt and "beverages." Here is a good pyramid for paleo.

Here is the Primal Blueprint pyramid... you can see, they are VERY similar...

So you can check out the above link or Mark's Daily Apple if you want to read the actual difference between Primal and Paleo... but I will continue to say they are mostly the same things, just a few differences... and I am probably wrong saying that...

This morning I was tired. Woke up listening to the rain. I check the website last night and wanted to pretty much jump for joy when I saw that there were no pullups in the workout today (it helped that it was raining). My shoulders need a break. I was happy to see that it was basically core and body weight today. Again, one of the things I love about Crossfit is you never know what to expect and every day is different.

I arrived in the dark and rain for the second day in the row. T was warming up... so I jumped right into the warmup as well. K asked if I was sore, which was plain across my face when I started to do the shoulder dislocates in the warmup. Its a great stretch for my shoulders. T was done, but decided to wait for me so we could complete the WOD at the same time, is nice nice to have someone to "compete" with in the morning since we are usually the first two times/weights on the board.

Today was refreshing. Lots of great cardio and the all three exercises were the perfect combination. A little of this and a little of that. Three sets, a minute each station, three stations... pushups, abmat situps and pistols, as many reps as possible at each station. Seems easy enough right? It was a welcome diversion from the last few days of heavy lifting, but certainly was work while the time was ticking!

I was pleased with myself, as I did all the pushups in the first round for real, no modification. The second round I started out "real" and wound up dropping to modified pushups after the first five. BUT, I was able to scoop myself off the ground with some encouragement from K in the last round to do them all with no modification again. To to shabby seeing as how the first minute I did 23 non modified pushups without stopping!! A few weeks ago I was lucky to get 5... maybe 10. So thats a check in the WIN column for me!

The situps are my favorite part. I felt like the minute flew by on those though. I wanted to get more in but the time wasted to get from the pushup position to the abmat and starting was what sucked up a lot of time. I tried to move as fast as I could. This was also my first attempt at pistols. 


... is a pistol. Also known as a one legged squat. I however did this with my front heel on the ground (rather than in the air as shown). Working on this one!! You go down till your bum hits the med ball, than back up you go. K said "if your ass isnt sore today, it will be tomorrow" from this one!!

I powered through the workout and felt great after. Completed the skill set and even had time for a chat with K before having to take off to shower and what not for work. I had a meeting this morning and walked around in an existing space for a potential client. Every time I walked up a set of stairs... oh yeah! I can already feel it!! My core feels good, my legs feel good... I am actually sad that I am going to miss the WOD tomorrow for my off day.

"My name is Sarah and I am a crossfit addict." right K?

400m Row
10 Shoulder Dislocates
10 Walking Lunges
2X Bergner Warmup
10 Walking Lunges
10 Shoulder Dislocates

3 Rounds, 1 Min Each Station
Total Reps Each Station
- Pushups
- Abmat Situps
- Pistols
(23+19+14+20+18+17+15+19+19 = 164)
Modified Pushups in 2nd Round

3X10 Back Extensions

Great pic of Hubs from his workout the other day!! He totally kicked butt!!

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  1. The first step is admitting your addiction...I too am a crossfit addict!