Saturday, September 10, 2011

Believe in Yourself

September 10, 2011

Todays lesson. Believe in yourself.

This morning I arrived at CFW at 6:30am to meet M and K and head over to CrossFit EXP in Leominster for their in house "CrossFit Expo." Yes, my friends... I was going to compete. We have been talking about it for a little over a week now, when K asked me if I wanted to go for the first time. I am not going to lie, the first time she mentioned it I thought it was to go and watch... than I leaned that I was to compete... Very nervous at first, but decided if they have that kind of faith in me, than I can do this. Hubs had to work today so I was on  my own as a "noob" (thats what we call new people at my office) with K and M to showcase CFW. The format, get there at 7:00, first WOD starts at 8:00, second WOD at 10:00 and third at 1:00.

When we arrived I had the worst butterflies in my stomach. I was armed with Lara Bars, coconut water and protein shakes, all thanks to Hubs who packed up my lunch bag before I left. I did not have any breakfast (I always do my AM workout on an empty stomach). We introduced ourselves to everyone and saw the board for the first WOD. Oh.My.God. as if I wasnt scared enough as it is to go up against all these women who I have no idea where I stand against, but there it was, my worst nightmare. WOD #1, 4 rounds for time, 30 Double Unders, 10 Toes to Bar, 10 Wall balls and 10 Pullups... with a 10 (yes ten) minute max... All I could think of was "10 minute max, its going to take me 10 minutes to do the first effing round!!"

I said to K, "ummmm... I cant do a pullup, and I cant do toes to bar, and I can only do like 3 consecutive double unders... what the hell am I going to do." She said that we were allowed to scale things we needed to have scaled since this was set up to be like the Garage Games. They have a pullup bar rack... which is awesome, and allows the athletes to practice kipping with their pullups and T2B. I have never done them on such a contraption, nor have I done them without an assist. But we walked over and I tried it out. I managed to get knees to elbows (which was also acceptable as a scale factor) without any assists. Than I put a box under the bar and tried jumping pullups. Ok cool. I can do this!

The round was about to start and I was assigned a judge, the both the women and men went in two heats. I explained to her that I was new at this, it was my first competition and that I was terrified. We went through the exercises (she was awesome by the way) and to told her how I was going to scale things. I did 15 real double unders... so I had like 100 attempts hahah, than the scaled K2E, wall balls were going to be fine with the 14lb med ball, than jumping pullups. The timer started and there we have it, I was officially in my first compeition.

K had to judge another athlete since she was in the second heat but M wasnt far away at any point. He was cheering me on and pushing me to my max. It was such a motivational crowd. So I got through the first round and was on a roll. I was feeling good and onto the next round... at the start of round three I hear my judge say "2 minutes left."  I was like "WHAT?!" I had no idea where the time went. I got in the last 15 double unders and was able to get 7 more K2E before the 10 minute time was called. DONE... first WOD was done.

I felt good. Got the jitters out. I know I didnt finish, but so what. I did a lot in the time that I had. I also did all "real" double unders... so that was a goal in itself that I have. We watched M and the boys first heat, than it was K's turn. I had to judge K for her first round, how weird to be on the other side (I hope I did ok) . It was awesome to see both K and M compete. In the time I have been at CFW I have heard their times, but never actually seen them work out. It was so inspiring the way they both push through workouts. They killed the first WOD (open wounds and all).

So I had time, so a protein shake was necessary before the second WOD. This one was for me... I was ready. I wasnt nervous anymore I just wanted to get in there and do it. 10:00 arrived pretty quickly and it was time to start. WOD #2, 15 minute AMRAP 5 deadlifts, 10 box jumps, 15 hand release pushups... so up my alley. The first heat was lined up and ready to go. The time was set and we were off.

Yeah, harder than I expected! I was killer on the deadlifts. I had no problem every time I walked to the deadliftdidnt count. If I say that like it happened to me... it did... a few times! How frustrating. After the box jumps the hand release pushups. These were the worst. The first round... piece of cake. I was all "I can do pushups now... bla bla bla" but by the time I was in my 5th round, I was eating my words.

The tricks. K had taught me when I had to rest on box jumps, always rest on top of the box. That way, all you have to do is come down. So that was very helpful in this one. The big problem was the pushups. Its very easy since you have to lay completely flat and lift your hands up to just stay on the ground. My shoulders were shot from hanging on the freakin bar like a monkey the first round. M was right by my lane and I could hear him "get in there Sarah" or "dont stop" or "keep it up" through the whole workout. I just kept pushing and pushing. Fifteen minutes is a LONG TIME... thats all I have to say!!

I judged again while K competed and M was upped to the second mens heat for this round. I devoured a Lara Bar and started my coconut water at this point. While I was judging it was really inspiring to be on the other side of the workout. I stood and encouraged my athlete as she swore and sweat and killed the workout! Everyone watches all the heats and cheers everyone on. It really is such a motivational environment.

So, we were all done. All that was left was the third WOD. I thought the first WOD was scary... 200' Overhead Carry, 200' Tire Drag, 21-15-9, Power Cleans and Burpees than another 200' tire drag and 200' Overhead Carry. At this point I was thinking to myself "what the hell was I thinking." I have never had a day where I had done 2 WOD's let alone 3... and what makes me think after all these pervious workouts that I could actually do 45 power cleans with 95lbs!! Yikes. The bad part was the wait to get started. I was ready to go, but we had to wait till 1:00 to start. I was ready to get out there and get er done!

I warmed up a bit, K came outside and watched me (and tried her own) push jerk to get the weight up and walk with the 95lbs. It was tough. Just last week we did hanging cleans during "DT" and at 9 reps I had started at 85lbs and  dropped to 75lbs than even 65lbs. Before that, when we did the Thruster Ladder I cleaned 95lbs twice and 100lbs once and even before that the day we cleaned 3-3-3 the most weight I got up was 86lbs. So not only was I cleaning 95lbs... but I was doing it 45 times! Talk about frightening.

I let adrenaline take over as I lined up on at the bar. I was going to do this. I was going to complete the third WOD for the day... holy crap. Time was about to start and off we go. I got that weight up over my head so fast it was crazy. I was down and back for the 200' before anyone else and onto the tire. That thing was HEAVY. It had a 15 (or maybe 25) lb weight in it... I cant remember. I certainly wasnt expecting it to be as bad as it was.

Onto the cleans. YEAH... I did it. I did all freakin 21 of them!! Than 21 burpees, even with the "games rules" that you have to jump on the plate between burpees. All I could think of when I was doing them was "21 is the hardest, I never have to do 21 again." I was also using K's trick of telling me that the bar was lighter than it was. "There is only 65lbs on that bar" pick it up. Get in there. I heard K yelling from across the parking lot, than she and M decided to come over closer to me. I am so glad that they did. I slowed down on the 15 cleans, but I was able to get them all in and onto the burpees. These are so "mind over matter" but I was having the hardest time catching my breath. I had to keep stopping. It was very frustrating.

The hardest round was the 9's. I looked at the bar and was so close to bailing. Than I heard my coaches from my corner... "you can do this Sarah, pick it up" and I did. The next thing you know I am the only one still working, everyone else is done. The whole audience is cheering me on. I could hear K above all of them, "big push with the hips" all of a sudden I was gone, it was She and I at the garage on any weekday morning at 6:00am. That was enough to get me through that set. She was there for me she knows what to say and how to say it. The energy was amazing. I pushed and pushed and worked and worked and got in the last 9 cleans. I hit 4 more burpees and ran our of time. I was bummed I didnt finish... but at the same time... so so so proud. Proud of myself. I did it.

I judged again while K was doing her heat, but was able to watch and cheer while M was in his. I wanted to stand in their corners as much as they were there for me. When the last set was complete we all helped pack up the equipment and everyone gathered inside. We were all sweaty, we were all tired, but we had all just completed the same workouts. I think everyone in that place had so much respect for one another and it showed. Lots of congratulations, and lots of "that was awesome" was tossed around... but not without meaning. I really felt like everyone who talked to me truly meant it when they said "you did great today."

I texted Hubs when I was done and said how I did. He asked "tired" and I said "more exhausted than I think I have ever been in my life" than he said "are you glad you went" and I said "absolutely, it can never be this bad again!" The Crossfit community is amazing. The people are wonderful. Everyone stands behind everyone, everyone is a student and everyone is a coach... when someone is about to fail and feels they cant do it the whole "family" gets behind that person and pushes them to their absolute full potential. I watched it with my own eyes today... and felt it when I was working my sets. Joining Crossfit was one of the best things I have ever done.

I am home now, I stuffed my face with three eggs and some bacon. My hands hurt like hell. My legs and back and shoulders and traps, and... well you get it, my EVERYTHING is sore, I smell like I had worked out for 8 hours. But you know what. I am damn proud of what I did today, I am damn proud of myself for sticking with my guns and making it happen, and I am damn proud of my coaches for representing CFW and both coming in second place for mens and womens. I think of words my parents have said to me and I am sure others have heard from theirs... "you can do anything if you just believe in yourself" and here I am. I did it.

WOD #1
4 Rounds for Time (or 10 minute max)
30 Double Unders (modified to 15)
10 Toes to Bar (modified to K2E)
10 Wall Balls (14lbs Rx)
10 Pullups (jumping pullups)
(Maxed out time at 10min, two rounds 15 DUers and 7 K2E)

15 Min AMRAP
5 Deadlifts (155lbs Rx)
10 Box Jumps
15 Hand Release Pushups
(6 Full Rounds, 5 Deadlifts and 4 Box Jumps)

WOD #3
200' Overhead Carry (95lbs Rx)
200' Tire Drag (Rx)
- Power Cleans (95lbs Rx)
- Burpees
200' Tire Drag
200' Overhead Carry
(Got all my cleans and 4 Burpees and missed the last drag and carry, 20 min max)

P.S. I will add some pics tomorrow... my hands are KILLING and typing is actually hurting... so I am going to hit the showers!!


  1. So proud of you Sarah!!! I wish I could have been there with you guys.

  2. You killed it today! Congrats on your first competition and have an VERY restful Sunday!