Friday, August 19, 2011

Today I met "Nancy"

August 19, 2011

Left work at 4:00 yesterday for a dentist appointment, got home around 7:00 and was so exhausted I couldnt stand it (my own fault for staying out till 1:00 on Wednesday night). I dragged myself to the couch, Hubs and I had dinner and we started to watch the Pats game. 8:00 rolled around and he was off to the shower. I  went to bed, turned the TV on to watch some more of the game... next thing I knew I woke up at 1:30am, glasses still on my face and I hadnt moved. I fell asleep before he even came out of the shower.

Woke up rejuvenated and ready to go. Since yesterday was my "off" day I felt like there was something missing all day. Hubs went (he took Wednesday off) so I knew what the workout was and how he had done. He also let me know that he had met M, who is K's husband. They own CFW together and he had been away since we started. They are going to participate in a Triathlon this weekend so they will be closed this afternoon and and weekend. Monday K posted that they would be away, and I confirmed with her that it was still OK that I come on Friday morning... figured since they wouldnt have a WOD up, and I missed Thursday that I would tackle the beast!

I arrived and K and M were together in the garage. Finally getting to meet M was great. They make an excellent team. As I said, I already knew what the workout was going to be... but finally being faced with it was a bit intimidating. I was looking forward to it, and at the same time I was nervous about it. All the times were posted from yesterday so it was a little nerve wracking...

M had set up the OH Squats while I was warming up. Than I gave it a shot doing 5 on them to see how was weight was with the small training bar. It was quite light so we added 10lbs to each side... 35lbs. I did 5 more... and we were ready to go. Through those 10 reps M was watching my form and gave me some tips on things that might work a little better, but all in all, I was looking pretty good.

The workout... wow, it was hard. The first 400m was cake... than the first 15 reps of OH Squats... I was going pretty good. As I progressed through the workout, I was loosing steam, but M and K were there 100% backing me up. It was very empowering to hear M every time I came back from a 400 to say "pick it right up" and to have K yelling "wooot hooot" when I was finished with the 15 reps. I responded well to their encouragement and managed to really kill the WOD (as far as I am concerned) my time was way better than I expected. I was pumped.

The pullups are my second arch nemesis... to the pushup. However after a quick break I jumped right into the skill exercise of the day. It was exactly like the progression workout I did with K for my push-ups on "goat" day, but with pull ups. So there we go, 55 pullups in 10 minutes... OUCH! But, I did it. With lots of encouragement from M and K, it was pretty easy (but not easy at all).

When I finished my arms were like jello... my clothes were soaked... my hair was a mess coming out of my pony... my hands are throbbing where the callouses are developing... and M was standing there waiting for the high 5.... I did it!!

Not only did I finish today, but I completed the FIRST week of crossfit. I can already feel the change in my body. I might not look like it yet, but things feel tighter, I feel better and today its Friday, I am in a great mood... I am sore... and you know what, I can now actually say "I am a crossfit woman."

- 10 Walking Lunges
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Burpees
- 10 Shoulder Rotations
Burgener Warmup (5 sets of each step)

5 Rounds for Time
- 400m Run
- 15 OH Squats (35lbs)
(My Time 15:49)

10 Minutes of Pull-Ups

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