Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Row, Row, Row my WOD...

August 31, 2011

First off... welcome to all my new readers! Please feel free, as I said before, to leave comments and "follow" my blog!! I would love to hear what you have to say and try to answer questions (even if I have to consult with the pros)! I really just want to inspire people and if anyone is thinking about Crossfitting and changing their lives hopefully my story is enough to push you to give it a shot!

So I felt better last night, not as tired, so I guess the early night on Monday night was good for me. Arriving at CFW this morning my legs were a little sore and the middle of my upper back, probably from the SDHP's. However I am finding it harder and harder to figure out what is making me sore since I am constantly sore in different spots. I am a "second day" sore person (typically). Meaning, the first day I am ok, and a little sore... but the second day is when the real soreness sets in. I should clarify that this is a good sore. This is a welcome sore. I dont feel like I am in pain, I just feel like I am working my muscles and pushing towards my goals.

I think K and M are screwing with me by adding pull ups in every workout or warmup (I kid, I kid)! I think they are the one thing that I am still not feeling are getting better. Its such an awkward movement for me and I feel so weak. I know the more I work on them the better I will get at them. I know my pushups certainly got better with tips from K and M. Also just doing them more often and really thinking about holding in my core, leading my with hips, screwing my hands into the ground and pressing my heels together have helped so much with those. So, next up, conquer the pull up (or at least the form).

Strength was great. I havent actually tired front squats yet, except with the 9 fundamentals (and the part of the thruster that would be considered front squatting). So we didnt have a number for me to start at. K set up the bar with 75lbs just to see what it felt like. I did a set of 5 with no problem. We upped it to 95lbs and I did another 5.The next two sets were 105lbs and 115lbs. The exercise was a 5-5-5 so technically I was done. I looked at K and said "lets count my 95lb lift as a warmup, and add another 10lbs." She gladly added another 5lbs to her side and I did the same and my final 5 was at 125lbs. I wanted to challenge myself and I knew I could add 10 more lbs. I was satisfied with this for sure! Looking forward to getting at it again and increasing my weights again!

So the WOD, this is what I was afraid of. CARDIO. This is where I have a huge brain block. Once I lose my breath I start to get flustered and slow way down. I knew with this WOD it was going to take some concentration on my breathing. I started with the 500m row. The great thing about the rowing machine is on the display there is a target 500m time, so while you are working towards the 500m it tells you what your 500m pace is. K was encouraging me on and yelled out to keep the target pace below 2:15 for 500m. I pretty much stayed under 2:05 the whole 500m. Than off I went for the 400m run.

Ever take off a pair of roller skates after a while of wearing them? You know how you almost have to learn how to walk again? This is what it feels like when you take the first strides of a run after rowing 500m. Not to mention, I think K and M picked a house at the bottom of a small hill on purpose. Right into an uphill 200m, which I guess is ok because the returning 200m is downhill. You still have to remember not to coast down the hill (K and I talked about this after) and keep your form, but downhill is certainly better than up!

The 2 minute rest was more than enough. I think I could have got back into it in with 1 minute rest, but I will take it! I Went right into the row and kept my pace under 2:05 again. K decided to stop having me shoot for 2:15 and have me shoot for under 2:05. For some reason, the row was really great for me and I kept my breathing under control pretty well. My legs were on FIRE... but I was pushing, pushing, pushing (maybe that should be the title of my blog since I write it every day). The second run was ok, still struggled on the uphill but was determined not to stop.

The final row... awesome. I stayed at or below 2:00 pace the whole 500m. I have no idea where it came from. I just wanted to get it done I guess. The same theory with the final 400. I just kept thinking "this is is, after this you can rest." I actually remember saying to myself out loud when I started up the hill "you can breath all you want in less than 2 minutes, just keep going."

All in all, the cardio wasnt that bad. I want to do it again... isnt that funny. I said to K at the end "two weeks ago, I would NEVER have been able to do this." Yay for progress (and the leftover paleo shepard's pie I have for lunch today)!!

P.S. My legs feel like jello!

40 Double Unders (I got in 2 "real" ones)
3 Rounds
- 10 Pullups
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Jump Squats
20 Double Unders (I got 2 more "real" ones)
Hip Mobility Stretches

3 Rounds for Time
- 500m Row
- 400m Run
- Rest 2 minutes
(my time 17:38)

Front Squats 5-5-5
105lbs, 115lbs, 125lbs

Check out this article on CNN that a friend sent to me in honor of cleaning out my closet. Its so true that before, I would look into my closet and see nothing to wear. With less in there its much easier to get dressed in the morning. I will have to do it again mid winter to get rid of the heavier stuff that I thought I would wear when I look in there now. I know there is more I can get rid of. Check it out, it might inspire you to do some cleaning (and than some "real" cleaning)!

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  1. You are kicking ass and taking names! Keep it up!