Monday, August 22, 2011

More Pull-Ups..

August 22, 2011

I admit, I cheated. I looked at the website last night to see what todays WOD was gong to be last night before I went to bed. The weekend was rough as far as "soreness" goes. Saturday I was sore in my right lat (thank you 55 pullups Friday morning)... than on Saturday night while at dinner with friends my arms tightened up and I all of a sudden felt like I had carrying around 25lb weights all day and I just put them down. By Sunday I was thankful I was taking an "off" day. My lower back was sore, not sure why... maybe from the walk we took Saturday morning, and my left arm, I have no idea what muscles is near my elbow, but thats the one... that one, and my left bicep. It was hard to sleep last night.

I was hoping by the time I got up this morning my left arm would be a little less sore, but no such luck. Even the three ibuprofen I had before bed didnt do the trick. So, I was actually looking forward to warming up and stretching it out before doing the working... BUT, lordy... I knew what was coming... more pull-ups.

I showed up at 6:00am and M was outside finishing up with T, another crossfitter.... his brother actually. I heard T say when he finished the workout (while I was warming up) "this was one of the hardest ones yet..." that made me nervous! The warmup was great... I was pretty pumped and my arm was feeling good. Than M walked me through some fantastic mobility stretches for my shoulders... as this was going to be a "shoulder filled WOD."

Right into the workout I went. I think one of the hardest things with this one, is that it was continuous use of the same muscle group with no rest in between. It was set up a little different from the others I have done so far... rather than a set amount of reps and mods of each exercise for an overall time, it was a set amount of reps and time and you were shooting for how many mods you could complete. I was intimidated, but the whole idea behind crossfit is to get me out of my comfort zone and not to give up. So I rose to the challenge.

It was hard. Damn... it was hard. I was winded after the first set of wall balls, they look so easy, but I will tell you, they are not! I knew (because I had done them before) that they were not. Going right from pushing the ball with squats into pull-ups... holy geebus. Constant use of the shoulders, they were burning, I was trying to catch my breath and really just pushing myself as hard as I could every time I wanted to stop. M stood right by my side and encouraged me and coached me through the whole workout and wouldnt let me quit. Wouldnt let me take to long of a break and yet again, I surprised myself.

I completed 5 full rounds and had time left to get in some more wall balls... M said "pick it up, get these 20 in before the time runs out." So, thats what I did. I picked up the ball, pushed through and got out the full set of 20 before time. The first 10 came out of nowhere... I felt like a machine, I had no idea where it came from since I thought I was spent. I did 5 more, and just couldnt let it stop there. With 10 seconds left I pushed out the final 5. DONE.

A huge plus. I dont hate pushups anymore. M gave me some pointers this morning, and K had already given me a few others when I did my "Goat" skill set... so I am working on it. I did the warmup pushups with no problem at all today, with no modification. If I was to have another "goat" it would definitely be pull ups (but I would like to wait another week before doing another pull up if thats at all possible).

My short term goal at this point... my Wedding Anniversary is October 8th. I would like to be my wedding weight on that day. Its only 10lbs. 10lbs in 6 weeks. I can do that.

3 Rounds
- 250m Row
- 10 Jump Suats
- 10 Abmat Sit Ups
- 5 Hand Release Pushups
Shoulder Stretch

15 Min AMRAP
- 20 Wall Balls
- 10 Pull Ups
(I did 5 mods + 20 wall balls)

100 Hollow Rock Challenge

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