Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lift of the Dead

August 23, 2011

Wow, was I excited to get to do deadlifts this morning. I looked a the WOD last night again and it totally pumped me up for this morning. I did sort of have a crappy night sleep again last night, but once the alarm goes off I am pumped to get over and start my workout.

The warmup was a jog around the block, the first time I did that... maybe the 2nd or 3rd day that we were at CFW by the time I got to the end of the first 400 I was winded... That day, I didnt give up. I just kept going as much as I hate running. Today, it was cake. I started off strong and slowed a bit (damn hills) but I kept a good strong pace and tried to control my breathing the whole time. Went pretty quick.

I was reading something on a crossfit website or chatroom (that I didnt think to write down the name of) yesterday at lunch. It talked about really taking advantage of, and listening to the trainers while you are at crossfit. Take what they say as soon as they say it and apply it 100% to what you are doing. We have tendency to fall back into our usual habits very quickly... and sometimes even just after one set. We also might halfway listen to what they are saying and apply the correction 80%. So, having read that (or at least thats what I got out of it)... I really thought about it and wanted to apply 100% of M's instruction this morning.

While I was warming up he was talking about my form and some hyper extension I have in my back, may women tend to do this... when we relax, we stick our butts out and curve our back... I really have to think about that when I am lifting as to not hyper extend, but be sure to tuck my butt under and really use my hips. Also the idea of engaging your core while doing any lift is something that I am really working on. Really feeling the muscle groups that the exercise should be working and all the muscles that allow that muscle to do its thing.

So, I went through the warmup and than did some really great hip stretches. My hips are "large" (so to speak), and sometimes I have pain in my hip flexor when I work out... however I know my legs and glutes are strong. The stretches really allowed me to open up a bit and have move movement. These are stretches I have never seen before and may look a little odd while doing them, but they work like magic.

After warmup and stretching it was time for the DEADLIFT!! I love deadlifing. I feel so strong and powerful. M asked me my 1 RM, which from last week it was 171lbs. He calculated what 80% of that weight was and explained to me that as long as I am at 80% of more I am gaining strength. Anything less is more like a warmup. We got the bar loaded with 95lbs just for a warmup and I punched out 5 with no problem. M talked about my form a bit and reinforced some of the good things I was already doing, and fixed the bad. Than I was into my 3-3-3-3 working sets, I really wanted to concentrate on what he fixed with my form to push out some good weight. The weight seemed relatively easy with the percentages he had thought I would be doing, and I surprised both of us with a set of 3 at 135lbs, a set of 3 at 157lbs and a set of 3 at 168lbs. For my final set M asked me to stick with the 168lbs and see how many I could get out before losing form... EIGHT... holy crap, I did EIGHT!!

Three weeks ago, I was at my old gym trying to squeeze out 3 reps at 135lbs. This is fantastic!! I am convinced had I not squatted 185lbs and OH pressed 81lbs before deadlifting on crossfit total day I would have been able to do more than 171lbs... I cant wait to do it again!!

The excitement was over as I still had the WOD to complete. Burn, burn, burn... rowing, ab mat sit-ups, push jerks... one after another for three mods... for time. You can do it, you can do it, dont quit... All I kept thinking was "dont slow down, when you slow down you weaken and let your mind take over." I pushed and pushed and listened to M as he yells out "100 more meters, dig deep" and "pick that weight right back up" when I was transitioning from abmats to push jerks... finally the BEST words he said "ONE MORE SET."

Kick ASS... 13:53... booooo yah!!

Block Jog
9 Principals (2X)
Hip Stretches

3 Mods for Time
- 500m Row
- 20 Ab Mat Situps
- 10 Push Jerks (65lbs)
(My time 13:53)

3-3-3-3 Deadlifts
(135, 157, 168, 168X8)

Yes Please... 
Lindsay Smith, 295lb Deadlift - Crossfit Games 2009


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