Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I knew I liked Cleaning...

August 24, 2011

What do you think? I think this is a pretty cool pic...

M snapped a picture while I was in the middle of my push jerks yesterday. To my surprise when I went onto the website last night to see what type of "torture" I was facing for this morning, there I was!! I was pretty excited to see this, and hey... not to shabby!

I was sore this morning, and tired. Between the rowing and the push jerks my legs are quite sore. I didnt really realize it until I started to warm up today. It was also a little hard to get out of bed, but I am determined to push through everything... I didnt get to bed till 9:45 last night so I sort of expected the struggle.

K was standing at the edge of the garage when I arrived... she was pointing to the grass to the left of the house... as I pulled in I saw what she was pointing at... a skunk. Thankfully my pulling in scared the critter and off into the woods he went. As K said "it would have been a VERY stinky morning!"

The warmup was pretty good. I actually got quite a few "real" double unders during the double under parts... AND... the big one, with all the tips that M gave me yesterday while I was warming up doing the hand release push ups, I was able to bang out 10 real pushups without stopping with no problem at all. When you learn where to focus your energy and what muscles to tighten it makes a huge difference, easier almost.

We started with the strength exercise again (like yesterday). Today, it was cleans. Such an odd movement really. When we warmup and run through the 9 principals you get the feeling of what the motion is, but when weight is added to the bar, its a whole different story. I started with 45lbs just to see how the movement felt, I did 5 pretty easy. K gave me some tips about keeping my hips forward and bring the bar to my hip pockets which was a good way to pull the bar to the right spot before starting to flip the bar. Also making sure that I dont raise the bar too high before trying to squat under it. As the weight gets higher, its easier to get under it rather than bring it up.

I started the 3-3-3 and did a set of 3 at 75lbs than two sets of 3 at 86lbs. The first set of three at 86lbs seemed harder and I think its because I am still getting used to the motion. The very last rep that I did in the last set felt the best of all. K said that usually the Rx weight for women for cleans is 95lbs, so I am right there. She thinks once I get the motion I will be good. Again, practice and perseverance is the key. I really enjoyed "cleaning" and I am excited to work on them.

The WOD was pretty challenging. Hubs and I had done ring dips when we were in our into week. Um... yeah, that was a day that we didnt do deadlifts, or pushups, or pullups that day... or the day before... or, ever! So, I had the blue band and the green band ready since when I did them the first time I used the green band and they were pretty easy.

So I was set. Rings were ready and K set the timer. The 200m run was pretty easy... the rings are what took it out of me! Deep dips trying to get shoulders below elbows, 15 reps. I did the first two mods using the blue band, than I sort of wimped into the green band. I was tired... my tris were burning and my hands were burning.

Alas, I completed all 5 mods in a really good time (for me of course).

I was talking to K after, she mentioned that she has already seen an improvement in both Hubs and my cardio. Thats nice to hear. I know we both feel it, but when someone says that to you its exciting and motivating.

All thing are up from here!! Off day tomorrow for me.

10 Double Unders
10 Jump Squats
20 Double Unders
10 Push Ups
10 Inchworms
Burgener Warmup (5 sets of each step)

5 Mods for Time
- 200m Run
- 15 Ring Dips
(My time 11:54)

Cleans 3-3-3
(75lbs, 86lbs, 86lbs)

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