Wednesday, August 17, 2011


August 17, 2011

Soreness set in when I got home from work last night. I was feeling pretty good all day, than as I started to relax I was feeling it. Mostly in my upper body from the overhead press and in my calves (still). My right calf seems to be bothering me more than my left, but I knew I was going to wake up and push through my workout.

Went out to buy some new clothes yesterday at lunch time, it was time to update some of my wardrobe. I feel like I really struggle to get ready for work every day and with the limited time I have to get dressed and organized for work I need to be able to go into my closet and just grab something that I know I will feel comfortable in the "fit" of. I am building a new wardrobe, as my old job it was so easy to throw on jeans and head to work every day. It didnt really matter. Now, I have to be "professional" and dressed for that every day in the office. I like it, but it has certainly taking time to get  used to.

Hubs was the "Crossfit Champion" yesterday. His total was 875lbs which included a max squat of 295lbs and a deadlift of 405lbs. I hijacked the picture that K took while he was squatting that she posted on the Crossfit Wachusett website this morning!!

I am so proud of him, and of myself for really pushing out of our comfort zone with this. It feels really good and keeping up with this should surely show some results!!

I feel like my overall mood is improoving. I will admit that the after first day (which was actually Monday, so only three days ago) I was tired and achey when I woke up Tuesday morning... and I thought this is going to be really hard to keep up. Today I am sore, but wow... the past two mornings I have gladly gotten up and headed to meet K and start the day off with a great session. I am in a great mood, feeling good in my skin and my clothes. I cant wait to see some results and feel even better!!

When I got up, I was nervous about todays workout since I am sore... but as I said before, I knew K was going to be there to push me through it. I also already told her that I was going to be there at 6am, so I cant bail!! Not that I would, but its so much easier to "take it easy" when you are working out by yourself.

After the warmup, which loosened me up quite nice I had sort of a "double goat" day. I stole this definition from A "goat" is an exercise or movement that you suck at, hate, or both. This includes anything from running, thrusters, handstands or stretching your hamstrings. The point is, we should work harder at the things we suck at instead of always tiring to improve what we  are already good at. Good advice... no? I think thats the glory of Crossfit... pushing you to be better at everything. The WOD today was double unders... which I get really frustrated doing. The object is to jump rope like normal than get the rope to go around twice on one jump. I look like I got whipped. I have rope burns on my arms from all the attempts. I did get one actual double under in... but the real plus side is that I stuck with it for 20 minutes. My calves already feel like they have golf balls in them... and heels to work, ouch!

As if the double unders weren't enough of a feat to attempt to concor, my real "goat" exercise... my arch nemesis... the PUSH-UP. K worked with me to try to push through a progression type workout. I think I did pretty well. She had me do 10 minutes of progressions. First minute you do 1 push up, second minute, 2 push ups, third minute, 3... and so on. I got the first 5 minutes in without any assists so that was 16 real pushups.  Then I did some half push ups, where I went up like a real push up, than down on my knees in a modified push up. The last two sets (one of 9 and one of 10) were fully modified up and down. My arms were killing me, bit I did a total of 55 push ups in 10 minutes! I am a little disappointed in myself that I had to modify, but I will get there!

I had a nice cool down on the roller and will certainly revisit our roller at home when I get home tonight. Tomorrow I ought to be super sore, but its my day off so I will enjoy getting to sleep till 6:30am!

4 minutes on foam roller
400m Run
10 Inchworms
3 Mds
- 5 Pullups (with black elastic)
- 6 Turkish Get-Ups (three each side with light KB)

20 Minutes AMRAP Double Under attempts

10 Minutes Progression Push Ups (55 total)

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