Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today is my "off" day. So I wanted to post the CrossFit Women's Creed that I have found over and over on various CrossFit websites... its very inspiring.

I am a CrossFit woman.
I do not wear mekup to the gym. I wear chalk.
I do not get manicures. I scrub the calluses of my hands.
I do not glisten or smile while I'm working out. I sweat, grunt and curse.

I am a CrossFit woman.
I am as proud of my muscles as I am of my scars.
They are the evidence of my hard work and dedication.

I am a CrossFit woman.
Increased work capacity is my mission.
Elite fitness is my goal.

I am a CrossFit woman.
I may scale a WOD, but I will never quit or give up.
I do what others won't and I excel where others can't.
I am stronger mentally and physically because of it.

I am a Crossfit woman.
I am invincible.
And you could be too...

This image makes me drool...

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